We retain our employees with Danish lessons

We retain our employees with Danish lessons

The company Siteimprove has 33 nationalities gathered under one roof. HR Director Gitte Hemmingsen reveals what she does to attract and retain the right employees. They offer Danish lessons in close collaboration with IA Sprog

“We are seeing a need for Danish skills, even though our corporate language is English. Many of our employees have moved here permanently. Others are only here for prolonged periods of time. And we’d like to keep them here as long as we can,” HR Director for Europe, Gitte Hemmingsen, explains.

Siteimprove helps companies all over the world with responsible and safe operation of websites and other web applications. Among other things, the head office in Copenhagen operates a sales function serving customers throughout the world. That is one of the reasons why there is a need for so many different cultures and nationalities – not least on the sales team.

“If employees learn Danish, perhaps they will stay here a little longer. Maybe they feel a little more at home here. And it is also a fact that relevant services that provide value for the employees also strengthen the company,” Gitte Hemmingsen adds.

Surprisingly great interest

“First of all, we were surprised by the overwhelming interest in the Danish lessons since we extended the offer to the organization. We hoped to be able to assemble one group, but enough people were interested to make up three groups in all,” Gitte relates.

An advantage in the recruiting race

“It has also surprised us to see what the Danish lessons have meant for our employer brand. The good candidates are always sought after. But our recruitment consultants are now telling me that it generates a great deal of interest when the candidates hear that Siteimprove offers Danish lessons,” Gitte concludes.

Danish lessons at your company

Danish lessons at your company start with a screening of the employees, where IA Sprog assesses which participants can attend which lessons based on their level of Danish language skills. The classes are usually scheduled after regular working hours and take place in a meeting room at the company once a week.

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