A group of employees giving high five because they are happy about getting an opportunity for upskilling.

Upskilling your employees

Upskilling with FVU arranged by Studieskolen.

Do your employees need a little nudge to get started on improving their job-related skills and competences? Then your company will benefit from a series of FVU courses.

Danish, mathematics, English and IT skills for adults

FVU stands for Forberedende Voksen Undervisning (Preparatory Adult Education). To prepare the workforce for the future, the social partners have agreed to offer FVU courses, free of charge for the company and for the employees. They include upskilling in Danish, mathematics, English and IT skills for adults. Start-up courses for employees with Danish as a second language are also offered, for those who need a little extra help with their oral communication. After completing an FVU course, the employee will have acquired a professional level equivalent to the 9th grade. As well as a new and improved readiness to learn.

We make the courses relevant and interesting by placing your needs as our starting point

Classes will be based on the participants’ current jobs and work tasks. At IA Sprog FVU we do not use old-fashioned textbooks. We design educational materials for each individual company.

Classes can take place at your premises within – or following your – working hours. To start a class, 9 employees who wish to participate are required. They need not be at the same level as our teachers are used to differentiating their instruction.

Use us as a partner for your HR Department

One of our primary tasks is to ensure that you get your FVU courses started in the right way. That is why we take care of all the administrative tasks. And we are also able to enter into a dialogue with you about any strategic objectives that the courses aim to support. We can even support your change processes by including these in our classes.

How to get your company started with FVU courses?

First, we reach an agreement as to which courses your employees are to be offered, and what other things you would like to focus on. Then we screen your employees individually to ensure that they have the right profile to receive FVU. FVU courses are free of charge for your company and employees. If you would like the classes to take place during working hours, we can help you apply for SVU to cover costs associated with working hours lost. It is also possible to seek financing through IKUF.

The only thing your company needs to provide, is a room for classes with wifi and teaching facilities such as a whiteboard and a large screen. We will take care of the rest.


Louise Sand, 20 14 34 60, lobs@studieskolen.dk