Two people under a blooming tree waiting for the reopening of IA Sprog

The reopening of IA Sprog has already started

On March 11th all educational institutions in Denmark were closed down.  Students and teachers at IA Sprog were sent home, and our classes were reorganized as online learning within a very short time.

In 2018 IA Sprog launched new and better concepts for online learning. These concepts have come in very handy during this unusual time. Thanks to the experience, creativity and flexibility of our teachers it was possible to reorganize our classes as online learning quite fast and with a good outcome.

This week IA Sprog has welcomed a small group of students to our physical classrooms again. And we are looking forward to welcoming even more students back to our school. We expect to increase the number of classes held in our physical classrooms gradually. In this process we will of course begin with the smallest groups in order to ensure that the reopening takes place in a safe and secure way in terms of health and prevention.

One of the small groups allowed to back to our physical classrooms in a near future is going to be our PD3 brush up class. This class is right for you, if you are taking the PD3 exam soon.

Teaching with a distance of course requires more space, and therefore we will open gradually and only as quickly as we are able to guarantee safe and optimal conditions for all our students and teachers. 

We are offering lots of new courses now and will soon announce our popular Danish courses during the summer break, so go a head and have look at our course catalogue. We are looking forward to welcoming you, and you will of course be notified directly with information about when and how your class is being conducted be it online or in a physical classroom. You can also stay informed here on our website and on our facebook page.

See you soon!