Speaking Danish helps build relations

Speaking Danish helps build relations

Meet Harsha Reddy from India. He is learning Danish at his workplace together with a group of colleagues. Although the working language at Temenos is English, Harsha really wants to learn Danish. For as he says: It helps him and his family to build relations.  

Danish teachers from IA Sprog can come to the company and give classes to the employees there – instead of vice versa. Harsha is taking classes with a group of colleagues every Monday afternoon at Temenos, where he is working as a Senior Business Consultant. In the evenings, when his children are sound asleep, he studies with IA Sprog’s digital learning platform at home.

Would you also like to have Danish classes at your workplace?

What are the benefits of knowing Danish when everybody speaks English in Denmark?

“Speaking Danish is important to me and my family. We are not just in Denmark on vacation. We are living and working here, and we want to build strong relationships with people in our community. Danes are very appreciative, when you make an effort to speak Danish. And I get a wonderful big smile from people, when, for example, I order my coffee in Danish.” 

What is the most challenging part of learning Danish?

“It’s a whole new grammar and a whole new structure to me. My native language is the Indian language Kannada, and I also speak English. But even for someone like me, Danish pronunciation and grammar do require a lot of effort. However, my son and daughter are way ahead of me. They go to kindergarten and school and are learning fast.“

How long have you been in Denmark?

“My family and I have been in Denmark for one year now. We have always dreamed of visiting and learning more about the Nordic countries. Coming here to work for Temenos was an exciting relocating opportunity for us – and the right career move for me. We are planning to stay here for a couple of years.”

What are the benefits of learning Danish with IA Sprog?

“It is a flexible way of learning. Having our classes at the office after 5 pm is very convenient. And in addition to this I can learn at my own pace with the online learning platform mit.iasprog.dk when it suits me. I usually log in via my phone or laptop and put in some study time during evenings from 8 to 10 pm.”

Harsha is attending Module 1 and will be taking his first Danish test during the spring of 2018. After this he plans to continue learning with Module 2. The Danish course offered to newcomers in Denmark has a total of 5 modules and takes between 1,5 and 3,5 years to complete.

Would you also like to have Danish classes at your workplace?

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