Ilenia at Trustpilot is taking Danish lessons at her workplace.

IA Sprog has made it easier

Meet Ilenia Bellucci from Tuscany. She has learned Danish at her workplace along with a group of colleagues. And she thinks the convenience of not having to cross the city come snow or rain in order to learn Danish has been a huge advantage for the team at Trustpilot.

Danish teachers from IA Sprog can come to your office and give lessons to the employees there – instead of vice versa. That is why Ilenia was able to take classes every Monday at work and study with IA Sprog’s digital learning platform at home during weekends. This turned out to be a convenient learning experience for Ilenia. And while learning Danish requires a very persistent effort, she is happy she did it – for several reasons.

You can learn Danish at work too. Want to see how?

What are the benefits of knowing Danish when everyone in Denmark speaks English?

“When I get emails from Københavns Kommune, I understand most of it. Some of it I have to look up – for example there were a few things regarding the new sorting system for biowaste I had to look into. But I consider that a great learning opportunity!”

What is the most challenging part of learning Danish?

“You really have to be persistent. Danes often reply in English, when they hear your foreign accent. So I have to insist on speaking Danish. Also the spelling and pronunciation seem very far apart.“

How long have you been in Denmark?

“Four years. I came here for my master’s degree. I spent two years at university and then two years working full time at Trustpilot. I coordinate all translations in the Technology department. We use a mix of freelancers and in-house translators. I help hire and train the translators. Not all countries handle English communication as well as Danes do, and this is why it is very important that we offer translated content to our users and customers. I enjoy working for Trustpilot in Denmark.”

What are the benefits of learning Danish with IA Sprog?

“You get around the laziness part – especially during winter. It gets pretty cold in Denmark and it is hard to get on your bike and cross the city at that time of year. So it is very convenient to take classes at work. Also, it is nice to study with your own colleagues. IA Sprog has lots of resources like reading material and great videos. The teacher can share links with us via the learning platform, which is very cool. We spend most of our day with a laptop anyway. So why not learn the language at the same time?“

Why did you want to learn Danish?

“Trustpilot is an international company, so I don’t need Danish to work there. But I live in Denmark! I wanted to learn it at one point or another. Plus it is the best way to integrate. I don’t know if I will stay here for the rest of my life. But it is nice to interact with Danes in Danish. I always order my coffee in Danish!“

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