Farnoosh is employed at Haldor Topsøe.

My boss believes in me

She started out distributing supermarket fliers – now she dreams of working as a researcher in Denmark.

Meet Farnoosh Goodarzi, a chemical engineer with a Masters degree in nanotechnology from Teheran University. Now she’s trying to find her own way on the winding road to the Danish labour market.

Working at her dream company

When Farnoosh completed her university degree at age 31, she wanted to start over again in a new country. She was offered a PhD visa to the US, but chose instead to seek a working visa in Denmark. She got one, left her parents and two brothers in Iran and came to Denmark in September 2014.

Right from the start, Farnoosh enrolled in Danish lessons, and she hopes to complete Danish Language Course 3 in spring 2016. Farnoosh shares a flat in Frederiksberg, and she has found many new friends in Copenhagen.

Right after she arrived in Denmark, Farnoosh got a job distributing supermarket fliers to private mailboxes, so she all too quickly got to know the Danish weather! Now she works part time as a service assistant in the Health and Safety department at Haldor Topsøe. The company designs catalysts and produces ammonia, and Farnoosh helps purchase safety equipment, check it and offer advice to other employees about safety. Her dream is to be hired as a chemical engineer and carry out research in the field nanotechnology – hopefully in the same company.

“Right now I’m doing a job I’m overqualified for, so I can’t say that it’s my dream job. But Haldor Topsøe is pretty much my dream company,” says Farnoosh. “So hopefully I’ll get my dream job here some day. My boss believes in me and supports me, and everyone at the company is very welcoming.”

Farnoosh has discovered, however, that the Danish labour market can be difficult for foreigners, since sanctions against Iran have made it impossible for Haldor Topsøe to recruit Iranian engineers in its development department.