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Danish Flex

Danish Flex is a program based on blended learning methods carefully tailored to give you an optimal learning experience with a blend of class room and online activities… read more

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Online Danish Course

Online Danish

In our Online Danish course , you can participate from home, from your workplace or even from abroad…read more

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Danish for German speakers

As a German you already have many native-language-advantages when you start learning Danish…read more

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Danish for Polish speakers

Polish speakers

Polish speakers can often have specific learning needs, when they start learning Danish…read more

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Intensive Danish course


As a highly educated person, you may be someone who can learn Danish fast. You understand what it takes and are willing to put in the effort: This course was designed for learners like you!…read more

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Culture, society and language

Are you already an advanced learner? Expand your vocabulary and your knowledge about Denmark. Learn with movies, debates and much more content of your own choice in this new inspiring course…read more

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PD3 Preparation

PD3 preparation

During this course you will get an opportunity to refine your Danish language skills guided by an experienced teacher and examiner before exam…read more

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Danish at the university

Learn Danish while attending or working at an academic or professional educational institution where IA Sprog provides Danish lessons for international students and staff…choose university

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