The facts about Danish courses

A little confused? Here are the facts about Danish courses and the future at IA Sprog

The Danish Language Educations have gone through several political changes in 2018. Unfortunately this has left a lot of people a bit confused. We would like to make up for this with a short sum up of the changes in the Danish Language Educations. We would also like to take this opportunity to present to you a new and more flexible way to learn Danish.


The changes in short: There are two major changes you should know about: The first one is, that a Danish module now costs 2000 DKK paid by the individual learner. (Previously the municipality covered the whole cost.) The second one is that the municipality can no longer refer you to Danish courses at IA Sprog. But you can still learn Danish with us!


The new flexible way of learning: IA Sprog continues to offer Danish courses with the high quality that we are known for. We now offer our courses directly to learners, who want to learn Danish in a more flexible way than the one offered by the municipality and the voucher system. You can see our courses here.


Q & A

1. Do I need to pay a deposit in order to learn Danish at IA Sprog?

No, you do not need to pay a deposit when studying at IA Sprog. This is due to the fact that IA Sprog offers private Danish courses, where the municipality is not involved.

2. Can I take module tests at IA Sprog?

No, you cannot take a module test at IA Sprog. However, we do teach in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). And if you complete a course with us, we issue a completion certificate with a description of the course as well as an indication of your level with a reference to CEFR.

3. Do teaching materials cost extra?

No, the learning materials are included in the price at IA Sprog.

4. How about the PD 2 and the PD 3 exams?

When you have finished your Danish education with IA Sprog, you will have to sign up for the final exam at one of the language schools referred to by the municipality. Be aware, that you will be charged a fee of DKK 1335 for signing up for the exam. As for exam preparation, you can get a lot of help by signing up for our preparatory courses with a focus on PD 3 spoken Danish, PD 3 written Danish or with a particular focus on PD 2.

5. Will I be using any of my voucher units, while I study with IA Sprog?

When you begin a Danish course with IA Sprog, you will not be using any vouchers. Your vouchers will only be used when you sign up for a Danish course at a language school referred to by the municipality. When you study at IA Sprog, you can take all the time you need to learn Danish. There is no ‘punishment’ for taking a break from your studies between two modules.

6. Why does IA Sprog not work directly with the municipality of Copenhagen anymore?

In 2018, the municipality of Copenhagen decided to end the contract with IA Sprog.

7. How can I sign up for a course with IA Sprog?

You can sign up here.

8. Where can I read more about the courses?

You can read more about the courses offered by IA Sprog as of August 2018 right here.

9. Who teaches at IA Sprog?

The same skillful teachers as before! And all our teachers have a language education as well as a Master in Danish as a Second Language.

10. When can I be sure that a specific course will effectively be created?

In the situation where a specific course does not have enough people signing up, the course will not be able to start. In this case you will be notified before the end of July.

11. Who can sign up for Danish for medical doctors?

The course ‘Danish for medical doctors’ is designed with a specific focus on doctors. This means that you have to be a doctor in order to sign up for the course. And in order to benefit the most from this course, we suggest signing up for Danish for medical doctors as well as intensive Danish.

12. Are there no more free Danish courses available?

There are no more free Danish Modules. But you can still supplement your Danish Modules with FVU, which continue to be free. Read more about FVU here.

We have tried to answer the the most frequently asked questions regarding Danish courses at IA Sprog as of August 2018. But if you did not find what you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to answering your questions.