A student sitting at the reception and reading about IA Sprog.


Please find below our information about how your personal data is handled at IA Sprog.

When you have read and accepted our handling of your personal data, you will automatically be given access to our online learning platform mit.iasprog.dk.


In connection with your admission as a student at IA Sprog, we collect and store information about you – such as your name, address, telephone, email address and social security number (CPR NB: note). When you apply for admission to the school, you thus agree that IA Sprog collects, processes and stores your personal data.

When you are enrolled at IA Sprog, you agree that your basic information will be displayed to teachers in our student administration system.

Finally, you accept that your fellow students can view images, texts and other items that you share on the shared learning platform mit.iasprog.dk. On the learning platform, your fellow students can only see your name.

The information has been provided by you yourself at the introductory interview with the school supervisor or in your application form/online application and also in your documentation of previous schooling.

When registering and paying for courses – if you have signed up for one of our paid courses – we will record payment information in our student administration system – including your or your employer’s account number.

So we record basic information about you, information about your schedule, attendance, study course, results of tests, exam grades and any warnings and decisions regarding any lack of attendance.

We continuously update your basic data via the CPR register.


Your personal data is processed in connection with admission to and effectuation of your courses at IA Sprog. During your courses, your data is, among other things, used to ensure that you are admitted to the correct classes and registered for in-house tests/exams and to prepare your diplomas. The information may also be used for internal statistical purposes.

Your personal information is not used for marketing purposes, unless you give your specific consent. However, in some cases, your email address may be used to send you offers for courses at IA Sprog. Consent for the use of data for marketing purposes may be withdrawn at any time. This is done by contacting IA Sprog at persondata@iasprog.dk.

All processing at IA Sprog adheres to a set of policies that describe IA’s principles for data processing.


We send your personal data in the form of name, address and social security number (CPR) to external partners such as UNI-Login (STIL). This is to allow you to access the learning platforms – which we use in the course – as well as ensure that you get the right learning materials in order to complete the courses, tests and exams.

Services associated with UNI-login can be accessed with your username – including the school’s Moodle-based online learning platform mit.iasprog.dk, ordbogen.com and Office 365.

STIL – the Danish Agency for IT and learning – keep your information and can use it for statistical and research purposes.

Read more about the storage of data at STIL

In accordance with applicable law, we disclose your personal data to the police and other public authorities – upon specific request. If there is no legal basis for the disclosure of information, we ask the authority for your specific consent.


At the school, we use a number of electronic systems, which you can access with login and password. These systems may only be used for study purposes. You must not disclose your login and/or password to others. The use of someone else’s login and password is illegal and may result in expulsion.


If you are photographed or filmed for portraits on the school premises, we will obtain your consent to use your photo or video. In the wording of the consent the intended use will be specified. However, ordinary situational images do not require consent.

The recording and sharing of videos in the course for educational purposes occurs with your consent at your first login. Your consent can always be withdrawn. To do this, contact IA Sprog at persondata@iasprog.dk


You always have the right to gain insight into and, if necessary, alter any incorrect or incomplete personal information about you. You also have the right to obtain a copy of all the registered information about yourself in an easy-to-read format. In such an event please contact persondata@iasprog.dk.


All recorded data is stored for 5 years plus the current year cf. section 44 of ‘Bekendtgørelse om statens regnskabsvæsen mv.’ (the ordinance regulating the State’s accounting, etc.) After 5 years plus the current year, all data no longer relevant is deleted.

With, however, the following exceptions:

  • Target screenings for preparatory adult education are kept for 5 years.
  • The students’ grades and internal tests for private Danish courses and preparatory adult education (FVU). These must be kept for 30 years cf. section 38 of ‘Bekendtgørelse om prøver og eksamen i de almene og studieforberedende ungdoms- og voksenuddannelser’ (the ordinance regulating tests and exams in education and study preparatory youth and adult education).
  • The basis for the return of tuition fees is stored for 6 months.


If you have any questions about your personal data, please contact IA Sprog’s data protection officer (DPO); Jan Kondrup Madsen, Hejrevej 26, 2400 Copenhagen NV, persondata@iasprog.dk or at +45 38 88 32 33.



You can complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency, if you think your data is not processed correctly in accordance with data protection regulation: The Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen K, tel. +45 33 19 32 00 or at dt@datatilsynet.dk.