Young people sitting at a table reading, because they can no longer have Free Danish classes.

No more free Danish classes. What now?

Here is some background.

Until August 2018 foreign nationals in Denmark were offered Danish classes free of charge in the public language centers. This only required a Danish personal registration number (CPR).

Today free Danish classes are no longer an option, no matter which of the many types of schools you choose to sign up for.

In August 2108 Danish law was changed and a fee of 2000 kr. per Module was introduced. This means that unless you´re in Denmark as a consequence of family reunification or as a refugee, free Danish classes are no longer an option.

You´ll now have to pay for your Danish classes and you therefore need to be aware that there are many options available to you outside of the public schools. We encourage you to look into these options  before selecting a school/course.

Public Danish courses offered by the municipality of Copenhagen.

There are currently 2 public language schools in Copenhagen which offer Danish lessons: Clavis and UC Plus.

Your right to attend these Danish classes starts when you get your CPR-number. The program is based on a complex voucher system, which ends within a pre-determined amount of time. If you are, for personal reasons, unable to complete the program within that time, you´ll lose your right to continue.

The fee you´ll have to pay for their courses is set by law.  It is currently 2000DKK per module. In addition, you must give a deposit of 1250DKK. The deposit is refundable.

Private Danish courses in Copenhagen.

You´ll find a variety of Danish courses offered by private schools in Copenhagen but the quality of these courses can be hard to tell based on a pamphlet or a home page.

Some of these private schools (e.g. IA Sprog, Studieskolen, and Københavns Sprogcenter) have previously worked in cooperation with the municipality of Copenhagen. Their teachers are experienced with teaching at all levels and can therefore help you reach a very high level of Danish, at which you should, for instance, be able to pass for instance a PD3 exam.

5 questions you should ask regarding your provider of Danish classes

We´ve listed here 5 questions that we recommend you  ask when choosing a Danish course/school.

1.What´s included in the fee?

Will you have to pay extra for books? Is an e-learning option included? Does the school develop its own inspiring learning material of a certain standard? And does the price also include access to a digital dictionary?

2. Will there be a test at the end of each level?

Does the school offer a test or an evaluation at the end of each course? Tests can be beneficial to the individual language learner´s process of learning the Danish language. Tests are furthermore essential since they ensure that all students in the following course are correctly placed at the right level. Language tests should be held according to the language skills/levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

3. How about the teachers?

Becoming a skilled Danish teacher takes time. It also requires a specialized educational background. Choose a school that hires qualified as well as experienced teachers who know all about helping and guiding you through the demanding process of learning Danish. It´s ok to ask questions regarding the teachers’ educational backgrounds.

4. What is the school´s reputation?

If you know any former or present students at the school in question, you might ask them about their experience?

5. Will you be offered a placement test or an information meeting before starting classes?

To ensure your full benefit of classes, ask if the school offers a placement test to determine which level is right for you before choosing a course or a level of classes. This isn´t common practice in all schools, but it´s an advantage for you.

IA Sprogs answers to the 5 questions.

Our answers to the 5 questions.

1.What´s included in the fee?

At IA Sprog you´ll receive books developed by our own  teachers and researchers. You´ll furthermore get access to our digital platform (, a digital dictionary, as well as our e-learning material which includes more than 100 videos and interactive exercises. Since our learning material has been developed by teachers and researchers here at IA Sprog, you´ll experience how well books, e-learning material, and classes correlate with and support each other.

2. Will there be a test at the end of each level?

At IA Sprog most courses end with a language test. A few of our courses do not finalize with a test, and you will be advised if that´s the case.

3. How about the teachers?

Our Danish teachers all have a Master´s degree in Danish as a Second Language. (FVU teachers are all professionally educated FVU teachers) Since focus on learning methods is essential to us at IA Sprog, all our teachers are furthermore trained in our Intensive- and Blended Learning methods.

4. What is the schools reputation?

You can find some of our students´ stories here.

5. Will you be offered a placement test or an information meeting before starting classes?

All new students at IA Sprog will be invited to either a placement test or an information meeting before signing up for classes. This is to help you be sure of starting your course at the level that is right for you, prevent you from wasting money on the wrong course, and ensure you get the most out of the course you register for.

Danish courses

FVU isn´t a free Danish course

FVU(Forberedende Voksen Undervisning/ Preparatory education for adults) is still free of charge but it´s not a traditional Danish course. It´s not for everyone, nor is it a beginner program. In other words, FVU isn´t a shortcut to free Danish classes but a program for adults who speak Danish but need to improve their reading and writing skills and thereby become better qualified for employment in the Danish labor market. (To qualify for FVU classes you need a minimum level of Danish similar to A1 in writing and A2+ in oral Danish skills.) When you sign up for FVU classes at IA Sprog we´ll help you determine if your level of Danish is sufficient and we´ll always start by inviting you to an FVU screening.


IA Sprog in short

At IA Sprog we have more than 30 years of experience with Danskuddannelse and FVU. We are known for our books, including the very popular “Dansk basisgrammatik”, as well as our e–learning platform At the moment, we are focusing especially on blended learning and further development of our e-learning platform.

Our teaching methods are up to date with contemporary second-language learning theories. This is why some of the biggest Danish universities chose IA Sprog as their provider of Danish classes.

We offer Danish classes not only at our main office in Nørrebro (Hejrevej 26, near Nørrebro Station), but also at a selection of Danish universities, and at some Danish or international companies.

We offer mornings, evenings, or Saturday classes. A look at our web page will help you find the program that suits you.