A new voucher system for Danish language courses was introduced 1 January, 2018

Change in the law regarding Danish language courses

Information regarding the new voucher system

All self-supporting students starting a new module in 2018 will be assigned a voucher. The voucher holds up to 6 units, each corresponding to one module of Danish language courses, if classes are attended according to schedule. View the model below.

It is essential that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with all aspects of the new voucher system, in order to understand the consequences of the choices you make. A wrong choice may mean losing the right to free Danish lessons, for example if you:

  • Take breaks in the middle of a module
  • Take too long breaks between modules
  • Spend more time on a module than what is available in the unit corresponding to the module
  • Do not show up at the language center within a month after having received a referral letter from your municipality (see the section “New students after 1.1.2018”).

At IA Sprog we provide a diverse range of Danish language courses with various ways of combining classes and modules enabling you to complete one of the three Danish courses, including the final examination, within the scope of your voucher – in the way that suits you best.

Keep updated at this website. We will continuously update the information regarding the voucher system as news is received from the Ministry of Immigration and Integration and from the municipalities.

Allocation of vouchers

You are automatically allocated a voucher, if you:

  • Are studying or working in Denmark
  • Are accompanying your spouse
  • Are family reunified with a Danish citizen in accordance with EU legislation
  • Are an au pair.

The voucher system does not apply to foreigners with residence permits as refugees or aliens who are family reunified with a Danish citizen in accordance with the Aliens Act.

New students after 1.1.2018

New citizens will receive a letter from their municipality in their electronic mailbox, e-Boks – the so-called referral letter. As soon as possible and no later than one month after you receive the referral letter, you must contact the language center where you wish to begin your Danish lessons, regardless of when you plan to start.

Applicable to new students:

  • The number of units allocated is determined by the module in which you are placed at your assessment.
  • A maximum of 6 units can be allocated corresponding to 3½ years of Danish language courses (42 months).
  • The voucher is valid for up to 5 years from the date of the referral letter from your municipality.

Continuing students

If you have started your Danish language course before 1.1.2018, you will be allocated a voucher when you pass your first module test in 2018. Your voucher starts with a unit that corresponds with the new module.

IA Sprog is awaiting further information from the Ministry of Immigration and Integration regarding the period of validity for continuing students. 

Important details regarding the voucher system

  • When you begin your first module, your voucher is simultaneously activated, even if you do not show up for the class you are invited to attend.
  • When a unit is activated, you cannot stop it or put it on hold.
  • When you pass a module test, the unit is void. The next unit is automatically activated – so it is not possible to transfer time from one unit to the next.
  • IA Sprog manages your voucher, and you will receive an email or text message notifying you when a unit is about to expire. Your teacher will also be able to tell you how many units you have left at any time.
  • If you need a break, there is room for this for up to 1½ years. Breaks can only be allowed after you have passed a module test, before you get started on a new module. You must inform IA Sprog in writing, if you wish to take a break.
  • If you take a break in the middle of a module, the unit is lost, and the next units on your voucher will be used, until you pass the module test.
  • If you do not pass the module test within the scope of a unit, you must use the next unit of your voucher. This means that you will be short of units for the last part of your Danish language course.

Distribution of voucher units on modules

If you have any questions regarding the rules of the voucher, please feel free to write to klippekort@iasprog.dk.

If you live in the municipality of Copenhagen, you can learn more here (in Danish) – Danskuddannelse.

If you live outside of the municipality of Copenhagen, you can check the website of your residence municipality or show up in person for further information.