A new consortium within courses in Danish as a second language has been launched

Cooperation is the future – IA Sprog and AOF form partnership in the language center area

A new alliance has been established within Danish courses for adult foreigners.

It is Denmark’s largest language center, IA Sprog in Copenhagen, who has – in connection with the ongoing licensing round in Copenhagen – formed a consortium with the association AOF Job og Dansk, who count among their members 13 language centers throughout the country.

The consortium cooperation has four focal points:

  1. to develop educational and technology-supported learning methods
  2. to cooperate in a flexible and business-oriented manner regarding Danish courses
  3. to generate ideas and implement innovative measures across the municipality’s suppliers in the field with the aim of future-proofing
  4. to ensure readily accessible language centers in the municipality of Copenhagen

This consortium stems from a variety of circumstances: The many adjustments, a market in constant change and the ongoing licensing round where it is quite obvious that all vendors need to be stronger tomorrow than they are today to be able to solve tasks effectively and with sufficient quality for the benefit of the students and on a par with the expectations of the municipality.

“We have found our solution and are together able to provide a service on a level of quality and innovation that meets future demands and expectations. There is no doubt that we are ready to start up from day one, and that all students, regardless of their educational background, will be able to participate,” says Jørgen Dan, director of AOF Job og Dansk

IA Sprog continues to handle the daily operation and will be the consortium partner responsible for the recruitment of teachers and implementation of the courses.

“This would preclude any double administration, enabling the consortium to achieve a number of synergy gains in the daily operation,” says director Jørgen Jespersen from IA Sprog.

If you need any further information, please contact:

Director                                                                  Director
Jørgen Jespersen, IA Sprog                          Jørgen Dan Pedersen, AOF Job og Dansk
Tel: +45 3888 3233                                             Tel: +45 2080 0044
jj@iasprog.dk                                                      jdped@aof.dk