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Amendment to Law on Danish Language Courses for foreigners has entered into force

‘More business oriented Danish language lessons for adult foreigners’. With this subheading, a new law comes into force today. It implies a few minor changes in the rules for Danish lessons for foreigners throughout the country and will affect new students and IA Sprog as a language school.

Changes per July 1, 2017:

‘Labour Market Oriented Danish’ is abolished

The Danish for beginners course Labour Market Oriented Danish is abolished and only Danish Language Courses DU1, DU2 and DU3 are offered from this point forward. The lessons in Danish Language Courses differ very little from the previous Danish course Labour Market Oriented Danish, as the lessons in the first and second modules are to be organized with special emphasis on achieving oral and employment oriented language skills.

The three courses are all divided into 6 modules, each ending with a test that you must pass to proceed to the next module. A Danish Language Course can be completed with an official exam – PD1, PD2 or PD3.

Students currently attending Labour Market Oriented Danish will automatically continue on one of the Danish Language Courses and will hardly notice any significant difference.

Free Danish lessons for up to 3½ years

The offer for free Danish tuition includes Danish lessons in one of the programs for up to 3½ years within a 5-year period. The period is calculated from the date the student can commence Danish classes. The teaching period can be extended for up to 5 years for students who have not had the opportunity to avail themselves of the offer of Danish education due to illness.

As a refugee or family reunificated individual, you have the right to 5 years of Danish tuition as part of an integration program.

New students must pay a deposit

As mentioned, learning Danish is still free of charge. If you are already a student at a language school, you will continue as usual – you will not have to pay deposit.

From July 1, 2017 new students are required to pay a deposit of DKK1,250 when registering for a Danish course. The deposit must be paid before you can start Danish classes. After completing a module, the amount is automatically – with the student’s permission – transferred to the next module. The amount will be returned, if you stop or take a break from the course at the language school.

Payment of a deposit does not apply to au pairs, refugees or family reunificated individuals.

Changes per January 1, 2018:

A new ‘clip card’ system is introduced

Danish lessons are from this point on offered within the framework of voucher system (in Danish: klippekort). The number of ‘clips’ or units allocated to you is determined by which module you are assigned to at the visitation. A maximum of 6 ‘clips’ or units, corresponding to 3½ years of Danish education can be awarded. The vouchers are valid for 5 years from the date the student can begin the course.

The Minister for Immigration and Integration has yet to lay down more detailed rules on the new system, including the period of validity of a unit and procedures for pausing or postponing of Danish lessons.

Read the full Act here  (in Danish)