Feet walking up the steps of a staicase just like you take constant small steps to improve your Level of Danish while learning the language.

What level of Danish have I reached?

Do you have trouble remembering how far you have come in your Danish language courses? Don’t worry – help is near: We have created a guideline for anyone who wants to evaluate their own level of Danish.

Many students are unsure which Danish module they are supposed to sign up for. Perhaps you feel the same way.

Maybe you have taken a break from your Danish courses and forgotten how far you have come. Or perhaps you have never had any Danish lessons, but nevertheless speak some Danish. But how well do you really speak the language? And which module do you need to sign up for? Get an overview of the various modules and their levels with this guideline.

The guideline is based on the official European definitions of linguistic competence levels, which also form the basis for the construction of the Danish modules and Danish language courses. The system is also known as the CEFR. It stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and you can read more about it here, if you are a real language geek – or just curious.


Try the guide here