IA Sprog has an extensive online platform for online danish practice

Supplement Danish language courses with online practice

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As a student at IA Sprog, you can supplement your classroom education with online exercises whenever or wherever you want to – even on your smartphone. On our extensive online learning platform, you will find lots of interactive exercises in grammar, pronunciation, and oral and written comprehension.

You will have access to instructional videos and film clips from workplaces, sound recordings for pronunciation practice and interactive exercises for practicing vocabulary, listening, writing, and reading. They are based on Moodle, the world’s most popular online learning software. The exercises enable you to practice the Danish language in ways that fit your schedule and other activities.

When you register for a course at IA Sprog, you will receive a personal login for the learning platform. That login also provides access to our online IT workshops outside class. Wi-Fi is free throughout IA Sprog’s premises.

The online platform is used in class as well. Each group has a unique virtual classroom where the members meet and communicate, for example in relation to the lessons of the day and the homework assigned.

IA Sprog’s online learning platform makes the lessons contemporary and interactive and enable you to supplement classroom learning with the additional practice you need.

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