A group of young people sitting on a stair while taking a break from their course in Danish for International students.

Danish at the university
Learn Danish at your educational institution


  • Who can attend?

    Students and employees at institutions served by IA Sprog.
  • Schedule

    One afternoon or evening per week.
  • Levels

    Module 1 – 5
  • Next classes begin:

    Between week 2 – 8, 2020.
    Send us an email for more information.
  • Tests

    After each module.
  • Location

    On campus.
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Learn Danish while attending or working at an academic or professional educational institution where IA Sprog provides Danish lessons for international students and staff.

Universities where you can find IA Sprog

For many years we have been teaching Danish for international students and staff at:

CBS (Copenhagen Business School)CBS logo of the institution where we offer Danish for international students.
Contact: cbs@iasprog.dk (Hanne Vesterborg)
See full details

AAU CPH (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
Contact: aau-cph@iasprog.dk (Hanne Vesterborg)
See full details

KP/UCC (University College Copenhagen)KP logo of the institution where we offer Danish for international students.
Contact: ucc@iasprog.dk (Hanne Vesterborg)
or chkr@kp.dk (Charlotte Kristensen)
See full details

ITU (IT University of Copenhagen)
Danish courses for staff
Contact: uni@iasprog.dk (Hanne Vesterborg)

RDAM (The Royal Danish Academy
of Music)

Contact: uni@iasprog.dk (Hanne Vesterborg)
See more details

The lessons take place at the institution you attend or work at and at times that suit your schedule; the goal is to help you incorporate Danish language lessons into your overall academic activities and your work, if you are employed.

Classes are held once a week, and you are also welcome to participate in workshops on campus. In addition, you will have access to the IA Sprog’s large online learning platform.

The weekly class focuses on verbal communication, pronunciation and grammar. You will quickly acquire basic Danish language skills to navigate at university and at work. Using brief, authentic texts, you will learn about Danish society and culture.

When you continue on to intermediate/ advanced level, you will receive in-depth lessons in Danish language and society that will allow you to participate in discussions about current events both in person and in writing.

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Discover the benefits of blended learning.

You only need to come to class once a week, as blended learning creates a natural flow between classroom teaching and online activities. Instruction by our dedicated teachers. And lots of engaging digital content tailored to support your learning.

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