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Free Danish language courses for foreigners

IA Sprog offers free Danish language courses to adult foreigners. Our program is flexible and is tailored to your existing skills.

Who can attend free Danish language courses?

Most adult foreigners entering Denmark are entitled to free Danish tuition that includes Danish lessons in one of the programs for up to 3½ years within a 5-year period. The period is calculated from the date the student can commence Danish classes, that is from the date of the referral letter from your municipality. Danish language courses are offered within the framework of a voucher system – learn more about the system here.

As a refugee or family reunificated individual, you have the right to 5 years of Danish tuition as part of an integration program.

As a language center we are obliged to charge a deposit – read more and pay deposit here.

You must possess a Danish CPR number

You must meet three requirements:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must possess a Danish CPR (civic) number.
  • You must have a residency permit or the equivalent.

How to get a Danish CPR number quickly and easily:

* Note: Currently it is not possible to apply for a CPR number online at the International House. You will have to show up at the address. By following the link you will find the address and which documents to bring.

Where to start?

Most foreigners entering Denmark for the purpose of working (including border communters), studying, accompanying a spouse, or serving as an au pair begin their study of Danish by enrolling in the Danish Language Courses 1, 2 or 3 – module 1.

Refugees and persons involved in family reunification with individuals originating outside the EU/EEA may also begin their study by enrolling in one of the free Courses DU1, DU2 and DU3.

The law that pertain to these courses can be read (in Danish) here in Lovtidende.

Contact us to learn more

If you are interested in the course offerings described above, or you have questions about whether the courses are suitable for you, feel free to contact IA Sprog now.  Our counsellors will be able to guide you quickly and identify the course that is right for you.

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