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Learn Danish at your workplace

Has your company hired foreign specialists who need to learn Danish? We offer the perfect course tailored to individuals from abroad working in Denmark. The lessons are aimed at developing and building the employees’ Danish language skills while providing them with valuable insights into Danish workplace culture.

Danish lessons at all levels

Whether the employees need to learn Danish from scratch or upgrade their existing Danish skills, we tailor a program by assessing the precise requirements of your organization and looking at how much Danish your course participants already know. We set up a course plan that accommodates your specific employees. Perhaps your employees need a special vocabulary, essential in your profession or industry.

Learning should be fun and interesting. IA Business has the most dedicated, inspiring and, above all, skilled trainers. As a student at IA Business, you also gain access to the largest online learning platform in Denmark, enabling each individual to continue working on their own and increasing their learning pace.

Flexible and differentiated

The Danish at your workplace course is delivered at your company during or outside work hours – whatever suits your needs. We offer experienced and committed instructors and materials customized and tailored to all levels. All participants also get access to the largest online learning platform in Denmark, enabling each individual to continue working, influencing their own learning pace.

Experienced supplier with great mobility

IA Sprog has many years of experience providing custom language lessons for specific industries and companies. We make sure the course is relevant, practical and effective for the enterprise and its employees.

We know the latest legislation and may even help your company determine whether your employees have the right to have the Danish courses paid for by their municipality of residence.

We ensure continuous quality assurance and offer close cooperation with each course group.

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We respond quickly to any company request to put together the very best offer for your employees.

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  • Who can attend?

    Employees working for organizations in Denmark.
  • Schedule

    Arranged as needed with the employer.
  • Next class begins

    Ongoing intake. Please contact us for more information.
  • Exams

    Danish Language Exam 2, Danish Language Exam 3; potentially the Higher Danish Education Exam (Studieprøven) or levels 1-4 of preparatory adult education (FVU).
  • Location

    As arranged with the employer.
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