For those who already know a little Danish


  • Where do the lessons take place?

    Hejrevej 26, 3. floor, left
    2400 Copenhagen NV
  • Duration

    8-10 weeks
  • Final exam

  • When are exams held?

    Four times a year
  • Next class startup

    We enroll new students continuously. Sign up, and we will find a place for you.
  • Class hours

    Choose between:
    9 - 12, 13 - 16, 17 - 20
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FVU-start is for those who would like to be better at speaking and understanding spoken Danish, so you can get more out of the FVU lessons and get on with your life in Denmark.

The course typically lasts 8 to 10 weeks with lessons twice a week. During the course you will speak and hear a lot of Danish, and you will definitely develop your spoken language and expand your vocabulary.

Benefits of studying with us

• You get access to our digital learning platform mit.iasprog.dk.

• You will get free access to the online dictionary ordbogen.com.

• You have access to the Office package for the duration of your course.  And you can install it for free on 5 devices, including pc, mac, tablet and smartphone.

• You will be taught by our experienced and well-trained educators with great dedication!

Who can participate? You can attend FVU Start, if you already know some Danish. Sign up today. You will automatically be invited to a screening, where we will together find out whether the course is right for you as well as which class best suits your needs.

After a course at FVU Start you may continue on to FVU Reading, Mathematics or other labour market oriented courses.

PLEASE NOTE: If you know no Danish in advance, do not sign up for FVU. Instead, we refer you to our Danish for beginners and intermediate students offered at reasonable prices.

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Looking for an inspiring way to learn Danish?

Our Danish Flex courses are based on the principles of Blended Learning. A classroom session once a week and e-learning activities when and where you want.

Enjoy learning with your peers in class as well as and online.

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