En hånd der tegner med en lineal i en hæfte med spiralryg og laver hjemmeopgaver til gratis matematik på FVU-matematik.

For those who are good at Danish and want to improve their math skills


  • Where do the lessons take place?

    Hejrevej 26, 3. floor, left
    2400 Copenhagen NV
  • Duration

    8-10 weeks for each level
    2 levels in total
  • Final exam

    FVU Math levels 1 and 2
  • How often are exams held?

    4 times a year
  • Next class startup

    We enroll new students continuously. Sign up, and we will find a place for you.
  • Class hours

    Choose between:
    9 - 12, 13 - 16, 17 -20
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Our FVU-Mathematics courses are for those who have a good level of spoken Danish, and wish to acquire basic skills in arithmetic and mathematics for use in everyday life, for example to be able to change jobs, enroll for further education or be better able to help their children with their homework.

You will learn, among other things, percentages, statistics and geometry, and at the same time you learn ‘math Danish ‘, meaning you obtain a wider and more professional Danish. FVU Mathematics is divided into two levels, and each level typically lasts 8-10 weeks.

About course content

FVU-Mathematics is divided into 2 levels:

Level 1: We work with mathematics at a beginner level. You learn how to multiply and divide and to compute with fractions and decimals.

Level 2: You learn how to calculate area, volume and percentages and to understand slightly more demanding tasks with both text, numbers and figures. This step is for the intermediate student.

About your learning

  • You learn to understand numbers, arithmetic and basic mathematical concepts.
  • You work with numbers from your everyday life. It can be numbers from your workplace, such as your paycheck, news articles or TV.
  • You learn to read tables and charts.
  • You learn to measure length, height and circumference.

Benefits of studying with us

• You get access to our digital learning platform mit.iasprog.dk.

• You will get free access to the online dictionary ordbogen.com.

• You have access to the Office package for the duration of your course.  And you can install it for free on 5 devices, including pc, mac, tablet and smartphone.

• You will be taught by our experienced and well-trained educators with great dedication!

Who can participate? You can participate in FVU Mathematics, if you already know some Danish. Sign up today. You will automatically be invited to a screening, where we will together find out whether the course is right for you, as well as which class best suits your needs.

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Looking for an inspiring way to learn Danish?

Our Danish Flex courses are based on the principles of Blended Learning. A classroom session once a week and e-learning activities when and where you want.

Enjoy learning with your peers in class as well as and online.

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