Student from FVU Danish reading and Mathematics. FVU (Preparatory Adult Education)

FVU Startup, FVU Reading and FVU Mathematics

FVU course is a stepping stone for vocational training or for acceptance into educational programs leading to professional work as, for example, a social and health services worker, kindergarten assistant, commercial driver, retail associate, property inspector, mechanic or chef. Acceptance into such educational programs requires that you pass FVU Reading, level 4 and FVU Math, level 2.

FVU Startup/spoken Danish

FVU Startup is for students who want to better understand spoken Danish and wish to improve their Danish speaking skills. You are either enrolled in a Danish Language Course or have completed it — or you have used up your entitlement to Danish education. Or you may be enrolled in FVU reading.

FVU Startup is divided into classes with different skill levels. In all classes, you work with vocabulary and spoken language skills needed for  FVU reading, mathematics or other educational training.

With a test we find out what class suits you. Placement tests are conducted at the school two times a month, so you can always get tested within a short period of time.

FVU Reading

FVU Reading is designed for students who speak Danish but want to improve their reading and writing skills. You may be enrolled in or have completed a Danish language program, or you may have exhausted your publicly funded possibilities for attending courses.

At all levels of the course, you will be reading and writing about daily life and current events in Denmark. Using real life texts, we focus on vocabulary, grammar and spelling.

The course is structured into four levels. We will test you to determine the appropriate level for you. The tests are held twice a month at IA Sprog, which means it will not take long to place you in the most suitable class.

If you pass level 3 of FVU Reading, you are entitled to enter into grade 9 in the public, Danish school system. If you pass level 4 and the FVU Mathematics course, you are eligible for admission to professional education institutions.

FVU Mathematics

FVU Mathematics is designed for students who speak Danish well, but who would like to master basic arithmetic and math skills for everyday use – for example, to gain entrance into an educational program or to assist children with homework. You will be learning about percentages, statistics and geometry using Danish terminology.

FVU Mathematics has two levels. We test you to determine which one is right for you. The tests are held twice a month at IA Sprog; that means it will not take long to place you in the most suitable class.

Admission requirements for FVU Startup

You must be able to speak and understand basic Danish. If you are attending a Danish course, you must have passed: Danish Language Course 1, module 6, or Danish Language Course 2, module 4, or Danish Language Course 3, module 3.

Admission requirements for FVU Reading and FVU Mathematics

You need to be able to speak and understand Danish. Students attending one of the FVU courses must have passed Danish Language Course 1, module 6 or Danish Language course 2, module 5 or Danish Language Course 3, module 4.

Contact the FVU department to learn more on Tel 4126 4282 or mail


  • Who can attend?

    Anyone who speaks Danish. An admissions test determines the level to which you will be assigned.
  • Next admissions tests

    Every Thursday:
    10:00, 13:00 and 17:00
  • Next class begins

    Ongoing intake. Please contact us for more information.
  • Exams

    FVU Startup
    FVU Danish levels 1-4
    FVU Math levels 1-2
    Four times per year.
  • Contact FVU

    Tel 4126 4282
  • Location

    26 Hejrevej, 3rd floor left
    Copenhagen 2400 NV

FVU - Reading and Math schedule

Times Days
Mornings 9:00 – 12:00 Twice weekly
Afternoons 13:00 – 16:00 Twice weekly
Evenings 17:00 - 20:00 Twice weekly
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