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FVU: For those who already know some Danish

Get free lessons in Danish and mathematics with FVU (preparatory adult education) and increase your possibilities for further education.

To attend FVU, you have to know some Danish beforehand. For example, you may be attending a Danish course, have completed or be taking a break from one. Or maybe you’ve just been living in Denmark for a while without attending any courses. Either way, you want to learn more Danish.

We offer FVU Start, FVU Reading levels 1-4 and FVU Mathematics levels 1-2.

  • In FVU Start you will improve your oral communication.
  • In FVU Reading you improve your reading and writing skills.
  • In FVU Mathematics you will be better able to compute and understand mathematics.

The courses typically last 8 to 10 weeks with lessons twice a week. We have both morning, afternoon and evening classes, so we can definitely find one that suits you. From October 2018, we also offer FVU Reading levels 1-4 on Saturdays.

Sign up today. You will automatically be invited to a screening, where we will together find out which class suits your needs.

Did you know, that we can also teach Danish at your workplace?

FVU is a great offer for companies, whose employees need to improve their Danish skills. We teach Danish on location, because we want to be close to where the need is. For example we teach Danish in companies and at housing associations. Contact us for a dialogue about establishing Danish classes in your company.


FVU Start

FVU Start is for those who would like to be better at speaking and understanding spoken Danish, so you can get more out of the FVU lessons and get on with your life in Denmark.

FVU Reading

FVU Reading is for those who speak quite a bit of Danish, but want to get better at writing and reading the language.

FVU Mathematics

Our FVU Mathematics courses are for those who have a good level of spoken Danish, but wish to acquire basic skills in arithmetic and mathematics for use in everyday life, for example to be able to change jobs, enroll for further education or be better able to help their children with their homework.

Intensive Medical Danish

Preparatory course for the OSCE exam

This course gives a good overview of the Danish healthcare system, Danish healthcare vocabulary, the medical OSCE exam and general communication in the healthcare system. There will be plenty of practice, exercises and communication in Danish. The course is taught by a Danish medical Doctor.

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