A girl with glasses reading a book while attending the Danish course for Polish speakers.

Danish course for Polish speakers
Focusing on Polish speaking learners


  • Who can sign up for this course?

    All Polish speakers regardless of educational background.
  • Exams

    Each level is finalized with a test.
  • Location

    IA Sprog
    Hejrevej 26
    2400 København N
  • Price:

    2500 kr.
  • Duration:

    Each level consists of 12 weeks with 3,5 lessons per week
  • Levels

    There are 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level takes 12 weeks to complete.
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Polish speakers can often have specific learning needs, when they start learning Danish. It is our experience that Polish speakers learn faster if they are presented with course material, which takes their particular needs in to account.

This is why the course is designed with a focus on Polish speakers specific needs, and the teacher is native Polish speaker Zofia Poulsen.

You will be able to study a variety of subjects such as daily life, society, culture, work and study in Denmark.

Also you will be working on topics related to contemporary Denmark – on your own or with a partner or in groups. In addition, you will take your learning even further with our online learning platform via smart phone or computer.

Got questions?

Please contact teacher Zofia Poulsen tel.: +45 40842608.

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