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Danish Language Exam 1, 2, 3 and Studieprøven

Passing Danish Language Exam 1,2, or 3 demonstrates that you are able to navigate in Danish society and meet the requirements for speaking and understanding Danish in the workplace.

Passing the Danish Language Exam 1, 2, or 3 also entitles you to apply for various educational and/or academic programs in Denmark. A passing grade on certain of the exams entitles you to apply for a residency permit or for citizenship.

Registering for an exam.

You need to contact one of the language schools, who have a contract with the Municipality of Copenhagen in order to register.

The exams are conducted according to Danish law.

More information about the legislation is available (in Danish) here.


Studieprøven is designed for foreigners who want to apply for admission to academic programs or further improve their Danish language skills beyond Course 3.

Purpose of the Higher Danish Education Exam

Passing Studieprøven is a prerequisite for admission to many university level educational programs in Denmark. That means the lessons are geared toward building the Danish language skills required for completing an academic program. The goal is to equip you for reasoning, assessing and participating in discussions at an advanced level on the basis of insight into relevant cultural and social factors in Denmark.

Lesson content

You will be working with authentic, current texts dealing with social conditions in Denmark. In addition, the lessons are designed to prepare you for the exam. The exam includes segments for verbal communication, reading and writing.

Requirements for admission to the class

Getting into the Graduation Exam class without an entrance exam requires that you passed Course 3 with a minimum set of grades of 10, 10 and 10. To take the entrance exam, you must have passed with minimum grades of 7, 7 and 7.