Girl with her phone smiling because she just found an intensive Danish course and this answers her question: Why choose IA Sprog?

Intensive Danish course
If you want to make quick progress


  • Requirements

    You need to have a higher education or be a university student. You need to be good at English and know grammatical terms in English.
  • Test

    Each module is finalized with a test.
  • Homework

    You must expect approx. 10 hours per week.
  • Location

    IA Sprog
    Hejrevej 26
    2400 København NV
  • Level 1

    8 weeks
    48 lessons
    2650 kr.

    Please note: Only 6 weeks
    48 lessons
    2650 kr.
  • Level 3

    8 weeks
    48 lessons
    2650 kr.
  • Level 4 or 5

    9 weeks per level
    54 lessons per level
    3240 kr. per level
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If you are highly educated and accustomed to studying intensively and making a great work effort, this Danish course is for you.

The intensive groups have two weekly meetings and are designed to help you make rapid progress.

Especially at the first two levels, Intensive has a strong focus on pronunciation and grammar. The goal is that you develop an easy to understand pronunciation that will promote communication with the Danes you meet at your place of study, workplace and in everyday life. Communication skills will also be worked on – both oral and written.

You should be able to set aside approx. 8 hours of preparation per week and we advise you to attend at least 85 percent of the lessons. In return, we promise really good results.

5 levels

The 5 Intensive levels are equivalent to levels A1-B2 according to CEFR, so that after Intensive 5, you will be ready to enroll in PD3.

Intensive 1 – You learn to present yourself and tell about your life in Copenhagen. There is emphasis in the oral language, but you also work a little on writing. There is special focus on pronunciation.

Intensive 2 – You learn, among other things, to talk about the day’s activities, about food and eating habits, and about learning a new language. You learn to express what you think is good and bad. Moreover, you learn to write a short personal email. There is special focus on pronunciation.

Intensive 3 – You learn, among other things, to talk about searching for a job, about volunteer work, as well as about work and study environments. You expand your vocabulary and increase your knowledge of Danish society. And you learn to write a longer personal email. There is still focus on pronunciation.

Intensive 4 – You will learn to talk about climate and ecology, art and culture in Denmark, equality in the home and in the workplace, and much more. You also learn to argue orally and in writing in Danish and to create coherence in texts. And you learn to write a letter to a local newspaper or the like.

Intensive 5 – You work mainly with topics about Danish society and the debate in the Danish media. You learn to write a short essay based on some statistical material or some views. You continue to work on creating coherence in texts and argumentation. And you learn to express views, explain reasoning and to discuss, both orally and in writing, for and against an opinion.


To proceed to the next level, you must take a shorter written test (except for Intensive 1) and make at least one oral presentation, to be approved by the teacher.

Learning materials

Learning materials are free. You either get or borrow the books. Furthermore, as a student at IA Sprog, you will have access to our large online learning platform,, with films, self-correcting grammar exercises, pronunciation and listening exercises, grammar videos in Danish and English, fiction adapted to the levels, and much more.

Info meeting before the course starts

Before the start of the course, you will be invited to an info meeting, where you will hear more about the materials and the teaching method to ensure that you are placed in the right course and at the right level.

Got questions?

Find the answer in this FAQ or talk to us at your screening appointment. You can also read the personal story about Elodie, who is learning Danish in this course.

Sign up Starting dates

IA Sprog reopens on June 2nd

We are happy to welcome our students and teachers back on Hejrevej Tuesday 2nd of June. When you arrive at IA Sprog on June 2nd, there are a few things we must kindly draw to your attention. We still need to protect our selves and each other against corona infection, as we will be getting a bit closer again.

Please observe this