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Danish Flex
Blended learning methods


  • Requirements

    Learners with at least 12 years of schooling
    who know English – as well as English grammar terms well
  • Test

    Each course is finalized with a test at one of these levels:
    Level 1 (CEFR: A1)
    Level 2 (CEFR: A2)
    Level 3 (CEFR: A2/B1)
    Level 4 (CEFR: B1)
    (According to the CEFR - Central European Framework of Reference)
  • Homework

    You should expect about 3-4 hours of homework/self-study per week
  • Level 1,2 or 3

    12 weeks
    36 lessons
    1800 kr. each
  • Level 4

    15 weeks
    45 lessons
    2250 kr.
  • Level 5

    15 weeks
    45 lessons
    2500 kr.
  • Location

    IA Sprog
    Hejrevej 26
    2400 København NV
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Danish Flex is a program based on blended learning methods carefully tailored to give you an optimal learning experience with a blend of class room and online activities.

Enjoy the benefits of blended learning

Choosing this program, you will only have to come to school once a week since blended learning methods create a flow between classroom and e-learning activities.

In class there will be a strong focus on oral communication, including pronunciation, since this is where you will need the teachers guidance the most. Furthermore, we believe that strong focus on pronunciation is a very important way to start learning a new language.

Between classes, you will practice your oral Danish skills through assignments from your teacher. Furthermore, you will study individually through our e-learning material.

All of this in your own time, when and where it suits you best.

Placement interview

Before start, you will be invited for a placement interview with our student counsellor this to ensure that you join the right program at the right level.

Focus on pronunciation

From day one, there will be a special focus on pronunciation as this will ease your communication with Danish speakers. At the same time, you will be working with reading, listening and communication strategies while exploring subjects related to everyday life, work, and education in Denmark.

Learning material

At level 1 and 2 we use our brand new learning material Dansk.. selvfølgelig! This material has been developed and tested by experienced language teachers and researchers here at IA Sprog.

Digital universe

As a student at IA Sprog you will also have access to our learning platform mit.iasprog.dk  with a huge, unique digitalized, interactive material developed continuously by our own professional teachers and researchers throughout the last 30 years.

Got questions?

Find the answer in this FAQ or talk to us at your screening appointment.

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Looking for an inspiring way to learn Danish?

Our Danish Flex courses are based on the principles of Blended Learning. A classroom session once a week and e-learning activities when and where you want.

Enjoy learning with your peers in class as well as and online.

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