Young people sitting in a class room while participating in Danish course for German speakers.

Danish course for German speakers
Focusing on German speaking learners


  • Who can sign up for this course?

    Germans with a minimum of 12 years of schooling. You must be able to spend 3-4 hours per week on homework in order to reach the learning objectives.
  • Exams

    Each course is finalized with a test, and module 5 prepares you to take the national PD 3 exam conducted by the schools referred to by the commune.
  • Location

    IA Sprog
  • Level 1-2

    12 weeks
    36 lessons
    2300 kr.
    (2000 kr. if you sign up before January 1st 2020)
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As a German you already have many native-language-advantages when you start learning Danish. It is our experience, that Germans learn Danish faster – especially when they are presented with course material, which takes their particular needs in to account. This is why we recommend this Danish course for German speakers.

This course is designed to make quick progress. And you can finish level 1 and 2 in just 12 weeks.

You will be able to study a variety of subjects such as daily life, society, culture, work and study in Denmark. Also you will be working on topics related to contemporary Denmark – on your own or with a partner or in groups.

In addition, you will take your learning even further with our online learning platform via smart phone or computer. A key focus is on pronunciation and grammar. You will learn how to write an email, a bulletin board posting for your apartment building, a job application or a brief essay about topics related to current affairs. In addition, we teach you to understand newspaper articles and similar kinds of text.

Got questions?

Find the answer in this FAQ about level 1 and 2. You can also talk to us at your screening appointment.

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Looking for an inspiring way to learn Danish?

Our Danish Flex courses are based on the principles of Blended Learning. A classroom session once a week and e-learning activities when and where you want.

Enjoy learning with your peers in class as well as and online.

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