Danish for Germans
Focusing on German speaking learners


  • Who can participate?

    German must be your native language.
    You need to have a higher education or be a university student. You need to be good at English and know grammatical terms in English. You must be able to spend 3-4 hours per week on homework in order to reach the learning objectives.
  • Exams

    The course concludes with a shorter written test.
  • Location

    IA Sprog
  • Level 1 & 2

    12 weeks
    36 lessons
    2300 kr.
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Danish and German are neighbor languages, and as a German speaker you therefore have some linguistic advantages when learning Danish. Our experience is that Germans learn faster – especially when provided with an educational program that addresses their particular needs.

Our Danish course for Germans is organized so you can make fast linguistic progress. 

Course content

You will work on various topics that deal with everyday life and working and study conditions in Denmark.

In the first sessions, there is special focus on pronunciation, as it is important to establish clear and understandable pronunciation from the beginning. You learn to present yourself and tell about your life in Copenhagen. Later you will learn, among other things, to tell about your daily and weekly routines, about food and eating habits and about learning a new language ​​and being new in Denmark. You learn to express what you think is good and bad, and to write a short personal email.


To proceed to the next level, you must take a shorter written test and make at least two oral presentations to be approved by the teacher. The first presentation takes place during the 4th meeting (approximately), and the written test during the next to the last. It is not possible to arrange individual tests, but it will be possible to take the written test later on with another group, if you cannot come to the planned test.

Learning materials

Learning materials are free. You either get or borrow the books. Furthermore, as a student at IA Sprog, you will have access to our large online learning platform, “mit.iasprog.dk”, with films, self-correcting grammar exercises, pronunciation and listening exercises, grammar videos in Danish and English, fiction adapted to the levels, and much more.

Got questions?

Find the answer in this FAQ about level 1 and 2. You can also ask us all additional questions at your screening appointment.

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