Students on Danish Language Course 1, 2 & 3

Danish for continuing students
Danish Language Course 1, 2 and 3

Want to learn more Danish? Then move on to one of the  Danish courses at IA Sprog after your initial 250 hours of Danish beginners course for foreigners. The three Danish courses are free of charge and end with an optional official Danish exam, Danish Language Exam 1, 2 or 3.

You are entitled to three years of Danish lessons, but it will usually only take about two years to complete the courses.

What you learn in the three Danish courses for foreigners

IA Sprog’s language courses will help you get by in most everyday situations at work or in school.

The classes provide you with an active Danish vocabulary for life both in and outside of class. You will be training Danish conversation with a focus on pronunciation throughout the course. IA Sprog’s specialized pronunciation materials allow you to train a fluent and correct Danish from the start.

Naturally, grammar plays an important part in the courses, as do the reading and writing of Danish language text.

We also stress vocabulary training, enabling you to understand and speak Danish in any given situation – at your place of work, education or training, your children’s school or institution, in your social life or when you are communicating with the state or your municipality.

How to choose the right course

Danish Language Courses 1, 2 or 3 – what should you choose? That depends on your background and your Danish requirements.

If you have only had a few years of schooling, and perhaps do not know the Latin alphabet, Danish Language Course 1 is probably the right Danish course for you. You will learn to speak, understand and write sufficient Danish to get by in everyday situations and in your job.

In Danish Language Course 2, you will, in addition, learn about the labour market and society, while learning to speak, understand and write Danish. This language course may be applied to qualify for a job or participation in job training targeting the labour market.

Danish Language Course 3 is for people who already have a high level of education, and who wish to study, pursue further education or work in Denmark. You learn the nuances of the language and how to provide deeper perspective in Danish.

IA Sprog offers the three courses in many forms including various possibilities depending on your need for flexibility or a speedy approach – as an intensive course, Saturday classes, for Scandinavians, for Polish speakers and online.  If you want to keep up your Danish studies, let IA Sprog’s counsellors help you find the course that best suits your level and your needs.

Testing and exams in the Danish courses

The three courses are all divided in modules, each of which ending with a test that you must pass to proceed to the next module.

The Danish courses all end with final oral and written exams, Danish Language Exam 1, 2 and 3. A passed exam may be decisive in determining whether you are granted permanent residence in Denmark, and whether you may continue into formal education or training. Read more about Danish Language Exam 1, 2 and 3.

When you have passed Danish Language Exam 3 with a satisfactory grade, you may continue on to the Higher Danish Education Exam (Studieprøven), aimed at those who wish to study at university level in Denmark. Read more about Higher Danish Education Exam (Studieprøven).

Who can attend free Danish courses?

IA Sprog’s Danish courses are free of charge for all foreigners with a Danish government issued Personal Identification number (CPR).

If you are a refugee or have been part of a family reunification from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you may enroll for one of the three courses directly.

 Read more about who can attend our free Danish courses

Additional offer: FVU reading and writing Danish

When you have passed module 6 of Danish Language Course 1, module 5 of Danish Language Course 2 or module 4 of Danish Language Course 3, you are eligible for a free FVU (Preparatory Adult Education) course of reading and writing at IA Sprog. You may follow this course alongside your Danish course for foreigners, or after you have completed it.

FVU is an additional offer to all adults in Denmark who wish to improve their Danish reading and writing skills. FVU reading is a useful basis for those who wish to attend further education. IA Sprog also offers FVU Math. Read more about FVU at IA Sprog.

Danish Language Course 1

Courses for people with no/limited schooling
0 - 7 years schooling

For people who need to learn to read and write the Latin alphabet. This might be because you haven’t had much schooling, or because you read and write a non-Latin alphabet.

Danish Language Course 2

Courses for people with medium-length schooling
8 - 11 years schooling

For people who have had medium-length schooling or educational background who want to learn Danish at a level that qualifies them to find a job or a enrol in a short trade-oriented course.

Danish Language Course 3

Courses for people with extensive education
At least 12 years schooling

For people who have at least 12 years of education, possibly including university studies, and have a basic knowledge of English. You want to learn Danish at a level that qualifies you to work or study in Denmark.

Get ahead during the summer holiday with summer school at IA Sprog

We offer 4 weeks summer school from June 26 until July 21, 2017. Regular classes for beginners and intensive classes for beginners and intermediates. Monday and Wednesday 17.30-21.15 or Tuesday and Thursday 8.30-12.15. Workshop is offered on Fridays.

To learn more and registration please contact us on telephone 3888 3233 or mail