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Danish for beginners
Module 1 and module 2

Modular Danish courses

If you are new in Denmark, or have never learned Danish before, you start your Danish classes in module 1 or module 2 of one of the 3 Danish courses. The education in Danish for beginners is organized with a special focus on oral and employment-oriented language skills.

You learn Danish that will enable you to navigate everyday life, at work and at school, and our educational program is tailored to those who have come to Denmark either to work, study, be an au pair or as an accompanying spouse.

It differs how long it takes to complete a module. It depends in part on how many weekly hours you attend classes – at IA Sprog you have between 6 and 12 lessons per week – and in part on how fast you are able to acquire a new language, how much you train your language skills on your own between classes, and how much you use the language. Usually, it will take between 2 and 6 months.

Each module ends with a test that must be passed in order for you to continue on to the next module. The teacher sings a student up for the test, after an assessment of whether the student has attained the objectives of the module in question and is able to pass the module test.

You have the right to free Danish lessons for up to 3½ years within a 5-year period, counting from the time you can begin your Danish classes.

Danish language courses are offered within the framework of a voucher system – learn more about the voucher system.

Learn more about who are eligible for free Danish lessons

As a language center we are obliged to charge a deposit – read more and pay deposit here.

Danish Language Course 1, 2 or 3? It depends on your background and your need for learning Danish

Danish Language Course 1 is designed for students with little or no school background, who have not learnt to read and write in their native language, or who have not learned to read and write the Latin alphabet. You learn to speak, understand and read Danish, enabling you to handle yourself in everyday life and at your job.

Danish Language Course 2  is designed for students who have a short educational and training background from their home country. You learn about the labour market and society, as well as learning to read, write and speak Danish. You can use the Danish classes to qualify for a job or participate in courses targeted at the labour market.

Danish Language Course 3  is for students who already have a higher level of education and who wish to study, pursue further education or work in Denmark. You learn the nuances of the Danish language and how to provide deeper perspective in Danish. And you gain knowledge of Danish society, Danish culture and history.

See our full course program below.

Learn Danish when it suits you

At IA Sprog you can learn Danish for beginners at whichever time suits you best – morning, afternoon, evening or weekend. You can also take your Danish course online. In addition, we also have Danish courses for beginners outside of the language school – at workplaces and universities.

As a student with us you can supplement your classes with online exercises when and where you want – such as on your smartphone while waiting for the bus. In the school’s large online learning platform you will find plenty of interactive Danish exercises, such as grammar, pronunciation, reading and listening comprehension.

Danish for continuing students in module 3-module 6

In the subsequent modules you continue to expand all aspects of your Danish language skills and expand your knowledge of Danish society and culture. Each of the three Danish courses end module 6 with an official national exam.

Contact IA Sprog – our counsellors will help you find the module and the class that best suits you and get you placed in the course that fits your school background.

Courses for people with no/limited schooling

0 -7 years schooling

For people who need to learn to read and write the Latin alphabet. This might be because you haven’t had much schooling, or because you read and write a non-Latin alphabet.

Courses for people with medium-length schooling

8 - 11 years schooling

For people who have had medium-length schooling or educational background who want to learn Danish at a level that qualifies them to find a job or a enrol in a short trade-oriented course.

Courses for people with extensive education

At least 12 years schooling

For people who have at least 12 years of education, possibly including university studies, and have a basic knowledge of English. You want to learn Danish at a level that qualifies you to work or study in Denmark.

Upcoming career workshops – first semester 2018 – five Wednesdays

Get inspiration for your next career move or make your LinkedIn profile shine. Alle workshops take place at Baghuset at IA Sprog and has a duration of 1½ h.

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