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The commune cannot send you to learn Danish with IA Sprog anymore. But the good news is, you can still learn Danish with us! If you wonder how, perhaps view our Q&A.

There are many good reasons for choosing IA Sprog. But if you already know, that you just want to continue learning with us, check out our new courses beginning in August below. Find out which one is right for you and sign up!

Courses with one class room session per week

Level of difficulty: Flexible DU 3

These courses are adapted to you, who wish take Danish classes in the evening or on weekdays. There is one classroom session per week as well as five to seven hours of flexible learning outside of the classroom per week – primarily via our digital learning platform.

Please note: If you are Scandinavian, German or Polish speaker, you can optimize your learning via native-language-advantages in our courses tailored precisely to your needs.

Courses with two class room sessions per week

Level of difficulty: Intensive DU 3

These courses are demanding and they are scheduled with two classroom sessions per week. We follow a structured method with a sharp focus on correct pronunciation. In addition you can expect extensive digital learning outside of the classroom. Particularly suited for learners with high educational backgrounds.

Please note: Medical doctors can supplement this course with medical Danish.

A helping hand before your exam

Level of difficulty: Exam preparation

These courses are designed with one session every other week. You will get optimal support and guidance, if you are attending exam soon.

A little confused? Here are the facts about Danish courses and the future at IA Sprog

The Danish educations have gone through tremendous changes in 2018. Unfortunately this has left a lot of people a bit confused. We would like to make up for this with a short sum up as well as a new and more flexible way to learn Danish.

Facts & future