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Danish for beginners and advanced learners
Got plans to learn Danish? Lots of courses in Copenhagen.

Intensive Danish course

These courses have two classroom sessions per week and fast progression. Homework and steady attendance are necessary.

Specialized Danish courses

At IA Sprog we are experts in Danish language acquisition. And we have developed these specialized courses to meet the needs of our learners.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, we can help you choose the right Danish course. When you sign up for one of our Danish courses, we invite you to a screening. This is a personal interview by phone or face to face. During the screening we find out together with you, if you have signed up for the most optimal course for your level and learning needs. If not, we change your registration together with you. We always onboard our students this way, because we want to make sure, that you get the full return on the money and time, you invest in learning Danish.

Check our starting dates

We begin new courses on an ongoing basis, and we always aim to keep track of our learners needs.

Starting dates


Benefits of learning Danish with IA Sprog

• Books and online learning materials are included in the price.

• You will get access to our learning platform mit.iasprog.dk.

• You get free access to www.ordbogen.com.

• You will get Office 365, as long as you are learning with us. And you can install the programs on 5 devices including pc, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

• You will learn with our skilled, experienced and highly engaged teachers.

Starting dates

Please note:
If the number of registered participants is lower than the minimum required, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the course.

Looking for an inspiring way to learn Danish?

Our Danish Flex courses are based on the principles of Blended Learning. A classroom session once a week and e-learning activities when and where you want.

Enjoy learning with your peers in class as well as and online.

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