Learn Danish in Copenhagen at IA Sprog

Learn Danish in Copenhagen

Do you want to learn Danish? IA Sprog (language school) in Copenhagen offers free Danish courses for foreigners at all levels.

Do you want to learn Danish in the daytime, in the evening, in the weekend – or online, regardless of time or place?

Are you a beginner, or do you need one of our courses for continuing students?

At Denmark’s largest language centre, IA Sprog in Copenhagen, you can attend quality courses in Danish regardless of your background and your needs.

Why learn Danish?

The language is the key to Danish society. Danish is spoken in public everywhere, in the workplace, in education, training and day care facilities. There are many good reasons why you as a foreigner should learn Danish. Here are four major ones:

  • It is easier to get by in your everyday life.
  • It is easier to get a job.
  • It is easier to make friends and lead an even more interesting life.
  • It is often a prerequisite for obtaining a long-term residency permit in Denmark.

The best way to learn Danish is by combining a Danish language course with practice outside of school. That is why IA Sprog is the right place to start for you.

Learn Danish efficiently in the center of Copenhagen

IA Sprog is located centrally in Copenhagen with trains and buses stopping right on our doorsteps. The courses take place in Vibevej in comfortable, well-equipped classrooms with computers, internet access and projectors. You can also use our very pleasant cafeteria.

As a student at IA Sprog you are ensured efficient Danish language courses adjusted to your specific needs. The quality is high, the teachers are university trained, and the school has 30 years of experience teaching Danish to foreigners.

As a student enrolled with us you may supplement your attendance in class by practicing online at any time – for example on your smartphone while commuting. Our learning platform, available 24/7, offers lots of interactive exercises in grammar, pronunciation, reading and listening comprehension. You are welcome to use our IT workshops outside class. Wi-Fi is free throughout the school’s premises.

In other words: IA Sprog are experts at teaching Danish. Studying with us, you will get the most out of your Danish language courses.

How to get started learning Danish

Contact IA Sprog when you have decided to learn Danish. The school’s counsellors are ready to help you find the Danish language course that best suits your level, wishes and needs.

Read more about the various Danish language courses here:

Danish Language Course 1

For people who have only had a few years of schooling and perhaps do not know the Latin alphabet. Classes are taught in small groups and are tailored to suit your specific needs.

Danish Language Course 2

For people who have had medium-length schooling or education in their home country. The course will focus on your everyday life, your work – or the education or training you may be enrolled in.

Danish Language Course 3

For people who already have a high level of education. The course is tailored to suit your needs, and IT is an essential tool. Danish Language Course 3 is available in many forms with possibilities varying depending on your specific need for flexibility or a speedy approach.

FVU reading and writing for continuing students

FVU (Preparatory Adult Education) is a free offer to all adults in Denmark who wish to improve their Danish reading and writing skills. Are you taking a Danish language course? Have you already completed one? Or have you exhausted your right for one? Then FVU Reading is a useful basis, if you wish to attend further education. IA Sprog also offers FVU Math.