Two cups of tea. One with black tea and one with green tea. They look similar but are vey different. Just like municipal or private language schools are very different.

Language school: Municipal or private?

What is the difference actually? Get an overview with this list of the most important differences between choosing a municipal or a private language school.

Previously, learning Danish at the municipal language schools was free of charge. But now a fee is charged for Danish language courses in both private and municipal facilities. So what works best for you?


Private language school Municipal language centers*
User fees
Voucher system
Requirement that you have the right to Danish courses
Free exam
Supplementary courses such as exam preparation courses
Unlimited time to learn Danish
No pressure to start your Danish courses early
No requirement that you have a right to Danish courses

*Language centers with a municipal contract.

Danish courses in municipal schools are carefully planned and monitored to ensure that you complete your courses on time. With Danish courses at a private language school, you have more flexibility. You can choose to purchase a short course, whenever it suits you. And you can take breaks when you need to in between courses.

IA Sprog is a private language school.