Working in Denmark - Talk by Kay Xander Mellish

IA invites you: Fun event with celebrity blogger Kay Xander Mellish

Kay Xander Mellish

In September 2016, we would like to invite all of IA’s current and future students to a lively and fun event with author, blogger, and communications expert Kay Xander Mellish.

Kay is an American but has lived and worked in Denmark since 2000 – as a communications consultant for large Danish companies like Danske Bank, Saxo Bank and Carlsberg. So she has a great deal of experience in working as a foreigner in Denmark.

The event is set up like a TV Game show and will have a relaxed and humorous tone that lets both foreigners and Danes participate. It deals with the fact that there are usually a large number of unwritten rules in the Danish workplace that can confuse foreigners:

– What’s the best way to work in a flat management structure, and how do Danish bosses distinguish themselves from their employees? How do you when your Danish boss is making a suggestion, and when he or she is giving an order?

– How to deal with a ‘flat’ management structure, and how to deal with a boss outside the traditional hierarchy. (How can you tell when your Danish boss is giving you an ‘order’ compared to a ‘suggestion’?)

– Why you may need to -ask- for assistance if you feel overwhelmed on the job. (Your Danish colleagues may not offer help unless you ask, for fear of insulting you.)

– How to handle the situation if you make a mistake on the job, or experience conflict with a colleague.

– Why it is so important to go to Danish office social events – and how to handle these events if you do not drink alcohol or eat pork.

Along the way Kay will share anecdotes, funny observations and good advice. Everyone in the audience should go home with a better understanding of each other and the Danish Labour Market.

Kay Xander Mellish is the author of the book “How to live in Denmark”, which is in its 3rd printing, and her blog and podcasts are popular among foreigners in Denmark.