In between classes IA Sprog

In between classes

The more you use your Danish language skills, the better you get. Why not try one of our other supporting offers in between your classes?

Study workshop

In the rear annex – ‘Baghuset’ – we have our open study workshop 4 days a week. The workshop is equipped with 60 new iMac computers and is staffed by one of the school’s teachers during opening hours. Here you can do your homework, read a book or perhaps a magazine. You can also get help preparing for a module test or one of your Danish exams.

‘Baghuset’ is behind our main building with access from Ørnevej 30.
The study workshop is open Monday-Thursday from 13.15 to 14.45 & from 17.30 to 20.30.

In between classes IA Sprog
Study workshop at IA Sprog

Conversation corner

Do you miss speaking Danish between classes, or do you need to relax with your fellow students and a bit of peace and quiet? Maybe you need help registering for payment services or understanding your paycheck. Or you just feel like socialising with others around one of the many games.

There is plenty of room for all of that at the conversation corner, which is a part of the study workshop and with the same opening hours: Monday-Thursday from 13.15 to 14.45 & from 17.30 to 20.30.

In between classes IA Sprog
In between classes – conversation training in the ‘Conversation corner’

Pronunciation workshop

Many students think Danish pronunciation is one of the biggest challenges when learning Danish. It is partly due to our vowels that are pronounced differently depending on their placement in the word and much more.

In the pronunciation workshop you meet specially trained teachers with a specific interest in teaching pronunciation – and with a steady grip on the Danish language.

You don’t need to sign up, you just show up when the workshop starts.

Mondays at 18.00 to 20.00 with Marc in the small meeting room in ‘Baghuset’.
Wednesdays at 13.15 to 14.45 with Ida in room no. 1.09.

In between classes IA Sprog
Whiteboard picture from pronunciation workshop

Study café

All students are welcome at the study café at IA Sprog with volunteer language trainers from the Red Cross. Here you can get help with homework, train your Danish conversation skills and get help understanding or writing letters and much more.

10 different people take regular shifts in the study café – 3 at a time, of different backgrounds and ages. It takes place Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 14:00 in the room next to the cafeteria.

Come well ahead of time – it is not uncommon for the study café to draw a crowd.

The study café at IA Sprog
The study café in the room next to Café Pusterummet

Conversation partners

For many years, IA Sprog has had a number of dedicated volunteer language trainers who visit the school as conversation partners. At times it can be difficult to get enough individual help from the teacher in the classroom, so the purpose of the conversation partners is to provide language training and individual help understanding the language, completing school assignments and the like. Most of our conversation partners come from the Red Cross, and they are each associated with a particular teacher and a specific class at the school.

A conversation partner comes in during classes and talks to one student at a time. The conversations can take place in the cafeteria, for example, where there is free tea/coffee and biscuits for both the conversation partner and the student.

What you’re talking about may vary tremendously – from conversations about a novel, topics you’re working on in class to freely chosen or personal topics.

Although the encounter can sometimes feel a bit awkward in the beginning, good friendships often arise between students and conversation partners.

Educational and vocational guidance

Tutor Tina Kajhøj offers educational and vocational guidance here at IA Sprog every Wednesday and Thursday. Tina comes from International House Copenhagen, but is present at IA Sprog two days a week –Wednesdays and Thursdays. This individual guidance where you can get advice on seeking jobs or finding your line of education, is an offer to all students at IA Sprog.

Book an appointment with Tina at tel. +45 2677 5962 or e-mail:

In between classes IA Sprog
Tina Kajhøj at the backyard at IA Sprog

Job search café

The last Thursday of each month is the day for the job search café at IA Sprog. Here you can get help with your job search, job interviews and for writing your resume.

Language teacher and counselor Katrine Rasmussen helps you complete or get started on your resume or your job application.

Job counselor Tina Kajhøj is there to give advice and guidance on where and how to apply for jobs, to give you professional feedback on your resume or your job application and much more.

This takes place in Baghuset at IA Sprog from 10.00 to 12.00.


As a student at IA Sprog, you have access to our online learning platform 24/7 where most of the school’s educational materials are available. Here you have the chance to train the various disciplines such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and much more through texts, videos and interactive tasks.

This is also where you can communicate with your classmates and your teacher.

In between classes IA Sprog mit.iasprog
Screenshot from ‘mit.iasprog’

Regular events

We regularly host various events for our students, and we invite the residents of our neighbourhood to some of our events too.

An established tradition is the annual neighbourhood celebration – bydelsfesten – which is part of the North West Festival and takes place in the school’s back yard. We decorate the whole place, and food and beverages are sold. The past two years, IA Sprog has also published a book on that day, written by our students. And there are concerts too.

Watch an excerpt from the backyard party last year:

We also have lectures with people like Kate Xander and her ‘How to work in Denmark’ talk, the volunteer center SR-bistand about working as a volunteer and LinkedIn workshops.

Read Kay’s good advice here – In the Danish workplace, trust is key

Ind imellem klasseundervisningen events
Kay Xander Mellish at IA Sprog

Other opportunities

Become a volunteer:

Another chance to practise your Danish and make a difference at the same time, is to become a volunteer.

More than one in three Danes volunteer with a club or an organisation. About half of the voluntary work in Denmark is within culture, sports and other extracurricular activities. It can be coaching a football team or as members of the school board at their children’s school. Or it may be as a volunteer in a shelter for the mentally ill, as a visiting friend for the elderly or as homework tutors.

The volunteers come from all walks of life. Both men and women, young and old, unskilled and skilled, people who work, retirees and unemployed.

There are plenty of options. For instance, one of our students at IA Sprog, Shova, who is studying for a bachelor’s degree of nutrition and health at the Metropolitan University College, is a volunteer at Grace KBH. It is an organisation that helps homeless people in Copenhagen by providing food and helping them find a place to sleep.

Watch a video about Shova’s work as a volunteer:

Job postings for volunteers:

Become a volunteer with the Red Cross

Join a club or organisation

A club or organisation is simply a place where people with common interests can come together and pursue those interests. It may, for example, be sports clubs, residents’ associations or in the Student Council at IA Sprog. You join to cultivate your passion, but you will generally become much better at communicating both orally and in writing. You will also get better at arguing in Danish. It all comes together to better equip you for writing job applications and managing job interviews.

In between classes IA Sprog
From the ‘foreningsdag’ at IA Sprog last year

To the annual neighbourhood celebration ‘bydelsfesten’ in 2017 – we published a booklet about the ‘forenings-life’ written by our students to other students. If you do not already have it, you can get a free a copy of it at the reception, Vibevej 9.

Ind imellem klasseundervisningen Foreningsarbejde
In between classes – ‘Bliv medlem af en forening’