“Go out and make your mark on Danish society”

IA Sprog celebrates its graduates for the 15th time.

The spirit was festive when IA Sprog celebrated its graduates on 17 December 2015. The graduation party, which has been held for several years, is a tradition. The parties are held twice a year right after the written and spoken exams that complete our Danish language courses.

In December, we issued more than 500 diplomas for IA Sprog’s students and self-study pupils.

The party took place in a colourfully-decorated meeting room that played host to all 150 graduates and their family and friends. Following tradition, the programme included a speech by IA Sprog’s principal Jørgen, and the IA teachers’ chorus sang a Christmas song. Later everyone sang along to seasonal melodies. Afterwards a variety of food and drink from all over the world was served, and everyone enjoyed each others’ company.

Principal Jørgen’s speech included both congratulations and a wish for good luck in the future.

“Now you have your diplomas, and you probably have many different thoughts about how you will use them. It’s of course up to each individual. But I hope you will all leave here with the knowledge that you now have the chance to go out and make your mark on Danish society. Being able to speak Danish is a prerequisite for getting close to Danes. We wish you all the best! We hope you had a good time at IA Sprog and that your time here will be a good memory in your hearts.”