Girl with a smiling face talking on the phone to Danish authorities. Like her you can also have your education assessed.

Have your education assessed

Have you completed an education or vocational training before arriving in Denmark? If the answer is yes, you can get an assessment at Styrelsen for Forskning og Uddannelse – the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

An assessment is a short statement that tells you what level and field of study your degree corresponds to in Denmark. The assessment also provides information about when and where you completed your training, and how long it lasted. And it describes the content of your training as specifically as possible.

The agency can evaluate diplomas at all levels of education – for example engineers, electricians or a high school diploma.

When you are looking for an internship or a job, the assessment paper can place your education or training in a context understandable to a Danish employer. The goal is for a school or employer to say: “Oh, that is what your education is!”

If you are applying for enrolment in an educational programme, various requirements apply. For vocational training you must, for example, as a minimum have completed an education at the level of the Danish folkeskole – primary school. You must also have passed the exam in mathematics and in your mother tongue on a 9th grade level.

An assessment can inform the training academy, whether your education meets these requirements. Similarly, an assessment can be used, if you are applying to secondary or higher education. The assessment can also be helpful, if you need to talk to a counselor about how best to improve your opportunities for jobs or education.

The sooner you get the assessment, the better you are able to set a direction for your future dreams.

How to get an assessment

Download the application form at The site also tells you how to proceed. It usually takes no more than two months, from receipt of the application and the required documentation. The assessment is free of charge, but does not include the translation of documents. Read more at

Three examples

  • Dina from Syria has studied English literature and language at Damascus University and completed the four-year training with a Syrian bachelor’s degree. She has had it assessed at Styrelsen for Forskning og Uddannelse: Her education is equivalent in level to a Danish bachelor’s degree in English.
  • Marcin from Poland has attended school for 8 years and completed a four-year training programme in the field of development, repair and maintenance of electronic devices and systems. The agency has estimated that his training corresponds in level to the Danish vocational training as an electronics operator.
  • Ana from Brazil has completed a four year Bacharelado em moda in Brazil. The studies combine creative subjects in design with sales and marketing within fashion. Ana’s education is equivalent in level to a Danish bachelor’s degree in design.


Some professions are regulated and require authorization. This may, for example, be as an electrician, a school teacher or nurse. At the website of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, you can see whether your profession is regulated, and how to gain permission to work within the field in Denmark:

By Inger Bruun, chief consultant & Raed El-Badaoui, international adviser at the Agency for Science and Higher Education