FVU-reading online class sitting around a table studying together.

FVU-reading online

If you need a flexible course

FVU-Reading online is for those who need a flexible way of getting better at writing and reading the language.

FVU-reading online requires digital skills enabling you to use digital media with comfort and ease. You must have access to a computer or tablet. But don’t worry, we will give you a thorough introduction at the beginning of the course.

When you are learning online as well as in the class room, there will be a strong focus on reading and writing the kind of texts, that you need in relation to your job, your daily life or as a student. We will touch upon topics like work, education, environment and life style. We emphasize cooperation with your peers in the class room as well as online.

You will get a complete FVU-course even though you only have to come to class once a week.

About course content

We offer FVU-reading online at 3 levels. Each level typically lasts 8-10 weeks with lessons twice a week.

Level 1: We start from the ground up with reading and writing simple, relevant texts. And we go over spelling rules and grammar.
Level 2: We continue working on the reading and writing of slightly more complex texts, more grammar, such as word endings and silent letters.
Level 3: On this level you will read and write various types of more complex texts, and we refine the grammar.

About your learning

  • You will improve your Danish reading and writing.
  • You will improve your spelling and learn how words are constructed.
  • You work with texts from your job and your everyday life such as news articles, manuals and graphs.
  • You will learn how to use various reading and writing strategies.
  • You work with writing tasks from your job and your everyday life, like emails, meeting minutes, letters and postings on social media.
  • You will strengthen your digital skills even further, as you will get lots of practice on our digital learning platform.

Benefits of studying with us

• You get access to our digital learning platform mit.iasprog.dk.

• You will get free access to the online dictionary ordbogen.com.

• You have access to the Office package for the duration of your course.  And you can install it for free on 5 devices, including pc, mac, tablet and smartphone.

• You will be taught by our experienced and well-trained educators with great dedication!

Who can participate?
 You can participate in this course, if you already know some Danish. This course also requires digital skills enabling you to use our digital learning platform mit.iasprog.dk, and you must be prepared to participate actively in the class room sessions as well as online. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you know no Danish in advance, do not sign up for FVU. Instead, we refer you to our Danish for beginners and intermediate students offered at reasonable prices.

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