A girl sitting at a desk in IA Sprog, where the members of the board meet on a regular basis.

Covid-19: Frequently asked questions

Can I register for Danish classes now?

Yes, you can. We have lots of Danish courses in Copenhagen and online.

When will physical attendance classes be resumed?

On March 11th following the recommendations from the Danish government, IA Sprog cancelled all physical attendance classes. But since May 1st IA Sprog has started gradually reopening some physical attendance classes in our department for Danish courses.

We have followed the Danish government’s recommendations and will continue to do so.

How can I contact IA Sprog?

You can contact us via info@iasprog.dk.
You can also call us like you normally would.

Telephone: +45 38 88 32 33
Monday – Thursdag: 11:00 – 15:00
Friday: 9:00 – 12:00

Although IA Sprog is physically closed at Hejrevej 26, our employees are still working from home. Therefore, you can still write to us or call us and have your questions answered. 

How can I contact my teacher?

You can contact your teacher via mit.iasprog.dk.