Hand writing on an envelope to be sent to the politicians in the debate about fees for Danish courses.

Debate regarding tuition fees for Danish courses

Update June 4, 2018

The draft law concerning tuition fee was adopted today with 76 votes for and 21 against it.

Update May 23, 2018

The draft law concerning, among other things, the tuition fee of DKK 2,000 per module is still being processed in the Danish parliament – Folketinget – and has thus not yet been adopted. The first reading on 8 May 2018 suggests that it quite probably will be adopted. The final reading is set for June 4, 2018.

You can follow the proceedings at the Folketinget website here – Behandling af lovforslag nr. L 225 (in Danish).

On this page, we publish posts in the debate regarding tuition fees for Danish courses.

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  2. Posts from students at IA Sprog
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A bit about the proposal:

On February 6, 2018, the government and the political party Dansk Folkeparti entered into an ‘Agreement on lower tax on earned income and larger deductions for pension contributions’. In the agreement (page 8), it is apparent that ‘tuition fees for Danish language courses for employed foreigners and others’ are to help finance the tax agreement.

The tuition fees shall enter into force on July 1, 2018, and are set at 2,000DKK per module. The current requirement for a deposit of 1,250DKK per module will be maintained.

“Tuition fees and deposits will secure an incentive so only the self-supporting students who are motivated, will enroll in the courses,” it says in the text of the agreement.

Following this agreement, a draft proposal has been drawn up for a law amending the law on Danish courses for adult foreigners and others. (Introduction of tuition fees for Danish courses for employed foreigners, students, etc.)

The proposal is in consultation until April 6, 2018. This means that until then, invited authorities and organizations can submit their comments on the draft to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.

Read more about the consultation and the proposal. (In Danish)

Posts from students at IA Sprog:

The following are posts from three of IA’s students. At the bottom of the page, we have gathered posts on the subject from newspapers and social media:

Can politicians really cut the hair off a bald person?
By Qayssar
; March 6, 2018
There is an expression in Danish which states that it is not possible to cut the hair off a bald person …

RE: Proposed changes in the provisions regarding language centres
By Monika Pedersen; March 15, 2018

There will be students in my class who will be unable to continue attending classes …

RE: Proposed payment for Danish courses
By Jalen Bigej; March 16, 2018

It tells me that the importance of me as a citizen is less than that of my Danish counterparts …”

Debate in newspapers and on social media:

Tax agreement hits Danish courses (In Danish)
By Heidi Kvistgaard Güttler, Uddannelsesforbundet and Jette Hammer, function manager at University of Aarhus; February 7, 2018

“It’s not just unpalatable, but also completely counterproductive to view them as money machines rather than work towards a good process of integration in the labour market and in society.”

Language schools: Death blow to Danish integration lies hidden in the tax agreement? (In Danish)
By Christina Balslev, Pernille Lemvig-Fog, Birgitte Nielsen, Anja Nielsen, Camilla Aune Fey, Camilla Granner and Sussi Brøndum Riise; February 16, 2018

“This is a bomb under the integration work in Denmark, a paradigm shift – tucked away on page eight in the tax agreement.”

Free Danish lessons for adult foreigners – is it worth it? (In Danish)
By Bente Bakmand, language teacher at Sprogcenter Hellerup; February 18, 2018

“Who are they, the self-supporting students, and how is their motivation for learning Danish?”

User fees for Danish courses for immigrants will strengthen parallel societies (In Danish)
By Maria Rehling Refer, teacher of Danish as a second language; March 6, 2018

“The consequence is clear: The students will stay away. An estimated drop in the demand for language centres is estimated to at least 50 percent.”

Lower taxes – but at whose expense?
By Anne-Kirstin Berger, photos by Rasmus Ursin Knudsen, Lærdansk and Steen Brogaard; March 9, 2018

“2,000DKK per module is quite a lot, especially for students, and also for some employees who don’t earn that much money.”

AU: Tuition fees for Danish courses is a loss for the national economy (In Danish)
By Rikke Nielsen and Jette Hammer, international chief and function manager, respectively, at University of Aarhus; March 9, 2018

“Many foreign graduates who end up leaving Denmark, state their lack of knowledge of Danish as a major cause.”

Two out of three can not afford the tuition fee for Danish courses (In Danish)
By Heidi Kvistgaard Güttler and Dorthe Plechinger, uddannelsesforbundet; March 23, 2018
“1,308 students have responded, only 31 percent can afford it. In contrast, 81 percent plan to stay in Denmark.”

AU: Expensive Danish courses threatens our growth and competitiveness (In Danish)
By John Westensee, Deputy Director, AU Research and External Relations at Aarhus University; April 3, 2018
“The government’s proposal will make it difficult for Danish companies and educational institutions to to attract and compete for international labor force.”

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