Girl with her phone smiling because she just found an intensive Danish course and this answers her question: Why choose IA Sprog?

Why choose IA Sprog?

Here are some of the reasons why we think you should keep learning Danish with IA Sprog:

IA Sprog focuses on creating the optimal conditions for you to enjoy flexibility but also ‘dive deep’ into you studies of the Danish language. Our method is based on blended learning, which draws upon a wealth of learning strategies ensuring, that you make progress with the Danish language.

There is plenty of evidence, that you can learn a new language faster, once you unlock how to use your own everyday life as an active element in your learning process. Therefore we have hand picked and combined the best learning technologies to ensure a smooth learning experience, where you will be able to train the Danish language – both on your own and with learners at your level.

You will receive access to your study materials via mobile and pc. And your teacher will guide you to use the exercises actively – especially outside of the classroom.

Other benefits when learning Danish with IA Sprog

• Books and online learning materials are included in the price.

• You get free access to the best online dictionaries.

• You will be given access to IA Sprog’s own learning platform, which is also available via smart phone.

• You will get all Office programs, as long as you are learning with us.

• You will be able to practice Danish with our conversation buddies.

• You will learn with our skilled, experienced and highly engaged teachers.

Course info & signup

Check out our course catalogue for the fall semester 2018. Find out which one is right for you – and sign up here!