Welcome to Danish classes on CBS Campus – Spring 2019

As an international student or staff member at CBS, you are invited to attend Danish language classes on CBS campus. The classes are for beginners as well as at intermediate and advanced levels.

We offer both Fast-track Winter Courses in January, regular semester courses in February-June and Fast-Track Summer Courses in July and August.

Spring Semester Courses 2019:

In the spring semester of 2019, you can choose to take either one or two modules during the semester:

Module 1 & Module 2

Module 2 & Module 3

Module 3 & Module 4A (first half of Module 4)

Module 4A & Module 4B

Module 5

Please note that it is always possible to stop after completing a module.

Course start/period:

First round:

  • Module 1, 2, 3: week 6 – week 15, 2019
  • Module 4A: week 6 – week 14, 2019
  • Module 5: week 6 – week 23, 2019

Second round:

  • Module 2 & 3: week 17 – week 26, 2019
  • Module 4A & 4B: week 17 – week 24, 2019

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday


  • Module 1, 2 & 3:  17.10-20.05
    Each module consists of 35 lessons spread over a period of 10 weeks (3 ½ lessons per week)
  • Module 4A & 4B: 17.10-19.45
    Consists of 48 lessons spread over a period of 16 weeks (3 lessons per week)
  • Module 5: 17.10-20.10
    Consists of 48 lessons spread over a period of 16 weeks (most weeks 3 ½ lessons, some weeks 4 lessons and some weeks 2 lessons per week, planned in relation to the written and oral exams)


  • Classroom instruction – once a week on campus
  • Classes are combined with e-learning and 24-7 access to IA’s online learning platform (blended learning)
  • ”Open study workshops” on campus one afternoon weekly


Module 1, 2 & 3: 1.350 DKK per module

Module 4 & 5:  1.600 DKK per module

You will receive information about payment in the beginning of January.

Advantages of this opportunity:

  • CPR number not required
  • No deposit
  • No voucher system
  • Breaks possible between modules
  • No time limit restriction

You can register in the following ways:

  • Via the registration link below
  • Meet us in our office at CBS , D.1.Ø.025, in Dalgas Have in week 2-6 (limited hours)

Register here

Registration deadline:

  • February 4th (We are flexible, so if you miss the deadline, just send us an email at  cbs@iasprog.dk)

Registration is not binding before payment has been made.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and will depend on space available. For each course, a minimum number of participants is required. IA Sprog reserves the right to cancel a course, if this minimum is not reached.

Questions? Please send an email to  cbs@iasprog.dk

Hope you will have fun  building your Danish language skills and preparing yourself for the Danish labour market.

Kind regards IA Sprog at CBS