Advanced Conversation

Conversation class: Danish society, culture and language
Intermediate and advanced learners


  • Where do the classes take place?

    Hejrevej 26
    2400 København NV
  • Requirements

    Intermediate: A2
    Advanced learners: B2
  • Duration and price

    One class room session with 3 lessons per week for 7 weeks.
    A total of 21 lessons.
    1000 kr.
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Advanced Conversation Class will help you improve your conversational skills in Danish while gaining a deeper knowledge of Danish language, culture and society.


This course is for you, if you are learning Danish but need to strengthen your oral Danish. In this course you will get plenty of opportunity to practice Danish conversation in a safe environment without worrying about a test. There will be a maximum of 8 participants in this class.

The classes will offer a variety of types of conversation where you will become familiar with Danish language related to topics of interest and relevance for you.

The classes will also help expand your Danish vocabulary and improve your Danish in general.

Advanced learners

During this course, you will have an opportunity to enhance your Danish, particularly your conversational skills, without focusing on a final test. You will be able to practice your oral Danish in a safe learning environment and widen your knowledge of Denmark while working with topics of your own interest since you and your peers are the ones who decide which themes you want to work with. There will be a maximum of 8 participants in this class.

You will be working with topics related to Danish society and culture. Learning material can be articles, video clips and other media content, and learning will take place mainly through discussions and presentations.

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IA Sprog cancels physical attendance classes

Due to the development of the coronavirus outbreak and the recommendations of the Danish Government, IA Sprog will continue to be closed until April 13th. This means that all physical attendance classes are cancelled, and until we report otherwise, IA’s students will not have to show up at the school. We are now conducting as much training as possible as online teaching.

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