Advanced Conversation

Advanced Conversation Class
Only for advanced learners

Advanced Conversation Class will help you improve your conversational skills in Danish while gaining a deeper knowledge of Danish language, culture and society.

You will learn effective strategies for starting a conversation and keeping the conversation going. This course will help you benefit more from the Danish you already know: You will learn conversational strategies as well as listening strategies enabling you to better understand what people are saying in a conversation.

Advanced Conversation Class is also a good occasion to strengthen your vocabulary and your pronunciation, since we will dedicate time to both.

In the beginning of the course we get to know you and your personal interests better through exercises and presentations. There will be conversations about Danish society, culture and politics. There will also be conversations about selected topics chosen by your class mates and the teacher in cooperation.


  • Where do the classes take place?

    Hejrevej 26
    2400 København NV
  • Who can sign up?

    Danish learners who have passed Module 4
  • Duration

    15 weeks
  • Lessons

    One class room session with 3 lessons per week
  • Price

    1800 kr
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Danish classes in the summer 2019

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