About IA Sprog

We are experts when it comes to Danish lessons for adult learners

We are all educated within linguistics. And our students are the focus of everything we do. We operate two separate enterprises:

IA Fonden Sprog og Læring – a foundation for language and learning

A company that develops the latest learning programmes with digital and blended learning. We continuously offer new courses in Danish as a second language in non-municipal facilities in beautiful and pleasant surroundings at Hejrevej 26 in Copenhagen. We also teach at universities and private companies.
Leader: CEO Claes Weise Schiermer Mørkeberg.

IA Sprog FVU

A school with preparatory adult education in Danish and/or mathematics. We offer FVU-start, FVU-reading, FVU-mathematics, FVU-digital and FVU-English. We offer individual study guidance and graded classes in beautiful and pleasant surroundings at Hejrevej 26 in Copenhagen, where we also have a study centre with access to computers and a café plus our ‘Language salon’, where you can practice Danish with Danes. We also teach at private companies, associations and in residential neighbourhoods.
Leader: Superintendent Eva Jensen.


Our shared history

IA Sprog has a long history. It all began in the 1970s, when the first Turkish immigrants arrived in Denmark. The so-called guest workers were here to make money, so they worked long hours and had no time to go to school. So IA Sprog – Indvandrernes Aftenskole or ‘the immigrants’ night school’ – was founded.

Here the busy workers could get Danish lessons, when they had the time in the mornings, in the evenings or on weekends – and in a way that suited them. And that is still how it is today. Many of the workers gradually came to feel an attachment to Denmark. They brought their families here, and so we taught them too.

Before we began teaching the Turkish workers, very few foreigners had been interested in learning Danish. And hardly anyone knew how to teach it. That is why we developed our own methods, wrote our own textbooks and helped to boost research in Danish as a foreign language.

Much has changed since. Today our students learn Danish with a range of strategies and learning technologies, which we make available and guide them in using. Our students are quite diverse. They come from many different countries, work in various industries and are enrolled in all kinds of educational programmes.

But we adhere firmly to our values and fundamental principles. We still adapt the lessons to the students’ needs. We still develop and improve our methods. We have developed the largest digital learning platform in Denmark with more than 100 videos and interactive exercises for learning Danish. And our teachers are still deeply involved in the scientific study of Danish as a foreign language.