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Please find below a bit of information about IA Sprog, our background and out story.


  • A girl is sitting by her computer gaining access to online dictionaries. May 26, 2020

    IA Sprog reopens on June 2nd

    We are happy to welcome our students and teachers back on Hejrevej Tuesday 2nd of June.  Finally we can return to our classrooms and fill our school with the sound of human voices, laughter and [...]

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  • Girl on yellow background wondering if free danish classes are the best May 25, 2020

    Free Danish again. What now?

    Perhaps you have heard the rumor that as of July 1st 2020, it will again be possible to take free Danish lessons. And perhaps you have been hoping, that this would be the case at IA Sprog. This [...]

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  • May 4, 2020

    Online Danish courses in July

    If you have time to focus on Danish classes in July, our summer courses may be the perfect option for you. Classes are conducted online, so you can join us from Cairo – or Copenhagen! And [...]

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