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IA Sprog offers free Danish lessons for foreigners

Danish for beginners

Labour Market Oriented Danish

If you are learning Danish for the first time, the right place to start is our beginners course, ”Labour Market Oriented Danish.” The beginners course consists of 250 hours of free Danish lessons for people who want to work, study or work as an au pair in Denmark – or for accompanying spouses.

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Danish for continuing students

Danish Language Course 1, 2 and 3

If you have already completed a beginners course in Danish, you may continue on to one of the three Danish language courses that will further prepare you towards being accepted into the Danish educational system. These courses are often a requirement when seeking a long-term residency permit or Danish citizenship.

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Special offers

In addition to beginners courses and continuing courses, IA Sprog has many other types of Danish courses:

IA Business

Learn Danish at your workplace

Industry-oriented Danish lessons for foreign employees at companies in Denmark. Strengthen your employees’ Danish-language skills and understanding of Danish workplace culture.

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Danish at the university

Learn Danish at your educational institution

Learn Danish at your university or your educational institution. The course is currently offered at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Aalborg University in Copenhagen and at the Royal Danish Music Academy.

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Reading and mathematics

Get better at reading and writing Danish or learn arithmetic for everyday use. FVU reading and math are for people who already read and understand Danish.

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