Learn Danish in Copenhagen

Denmark’s largest language centre offers free Danish courses for foreigners

Danish for beginners

Module 1 and module 2

If you are new in Denmark, or have never learned Danish before, you start your Danish classes in module 1 or module 2 of one of the 3 Danish courses. The education in Danish for beginners is organized with a special focus on oral and employment-oriented language skills.

You learn Danish that will enable you to navigate everyday life, at work and at school, and our educational program is tailored to those who have come to Denmark either to work, study, be an au pair or as an accompanying spouse.

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Danish for continuing students

Module 3 – module 6

If you are already able to speak and write some Danish, you can start or continue in a Danish class for continuing students.

You train writing, reading and Danish conversation, and pronunciation is in focus during the entire training. Our special pronunciation materials allow you to train a fluent and correct Danish. The classes provide you with a good foundation for being active in Danish, and we place emphasis on training a vocabulary that enables you to understand and speak Danish, helping you to navigate anywhere.

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Special offers

In addition to beginners courses and continuing courses, IA Sprog has many other types of Danish courses:

IA Business

Learn Danish at your workplace

May we teach your employees Danish? Just like we do at Trustpilot, nemlig.com, Metro, Siteimprove, NCC and many more.

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Danish at the university

Learn Danish at your educational institution

Learn Danish at your university or your educational institution. The course is currently offered at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Aalborg University in Copenhagen and at the Royal Danish Music Academy.

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Reading and mathematics

Get better at reading and writing Danish or learn arithmetic for everyday use. FVU reading and math are for people who already read and understand Danish.

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