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IA Sprog offers Danish courses and FVU

Danish courses

Starting dates 2019

IA Sprog offers Danish courses in the high quality we are known for. Our method is based on blended learning, which allows you to enjoy flexibility but also ‘dive deep’ into your studies of the Danish language.

We have new classes beginning at all times of year so you can move on with your Danish studies, when it suits you.

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Free FVU courses

FVU Reading, FVU Start and FVU Mathematics

FVU stands for 'Forbederende Voksenundervisning'. The courses are for those who already know some Danish.

These courses are free for those, who want to improve their Danish, reading skills and math. We also offer FVU Start for those who need improve their spoken Danish before admission to FVU Reading and FVU Mathematics.

Our classes are divided into levels, so you will be learning with peers at your level. And we have reasonable class sizes.

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Special offers

In addition to beginners courses and continuing courses, IA Sprog has many other types of Danish courses:

Danish for businesses

Learn Danish at your workplace

May we teach your employees Danish? Just like we do at Trustpilot, nemlig.com, Metro, Siteimprove and many more.

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Danish at the university

Learn Danish at your educational institution

Learn Danish at your university or your educational institution. The course is currently offered at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Aalborg University in Copenhagen and at University College Copenhagen.

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Danish courses

Learn Danish after work!

In our Danish courses you will be studying exciting topics related to contemporary Denmark – on your own or with a partner or in groups. In addition, you will take your learning even further with our online learning platform via smart phone or computer.

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