Labour Market oriented Danish

Free classes in Danish (Labour Market oriented Danish) at IA Sprog: A special offer for you (and your spouse) who are a new-comer in Denmark.

The course is effectively focusing on practical situations in everyday life as well as your job or your study.


Who is eligible for Labour Market oriented Danish?

If you are a foreign resident and employed at a Danish company or institution, if you are an EU cross-border commuter, or run a business in Denmark, you may sign up for a Labour Market oriented Danish course as part of the official Danish Language Programme under the Ministry of Education. The same applies to students and au pairs.

Additionally you must:
- Be at least 18 years old
- Have a valid residence permit
- Have a valid work permit

What is Labour Market oriented Danish?

The course includes 250 hours tuition divided in five parts. Tuition takes place during a period of up to 18 months.

Besides the basic skills in oral and written Danish, the Labour market oriented Danish at IA Sprog includes the skills and the vocabulary you need at your job or at your studies.

Special offers

IA Sprog’s Labour Market oriented Danish material also includes new special offers for different language groups, for example  Norwegian speakers and Swedish speakers.

IT-supported Danish tuition

A Labour Market oriented Danish course at IA Sprog additionally includes an IT-workshop where students can work with interactive exercises. In their spare time, students can also study Danish on their own assisted by IA Sprog’s online interactive website.

What about the level?

Students can start tuition at different levels. IA Sprog’s counsellors will assist you to the right one. When you have completed your course in Labour Market oriented Danish, you will normally have gained a language proficiency corresponding to B1 level on the European CEFR scale (Common European Framework of Reference), i.e. a medium level.

It is possible to take a module test after finalized course in Labour Market oriented Danish.

Labour Market oriented Danish at IA Sprog – where and when?

IA Sprog’s Labour Market oriented Danish and the ordinary training programmes take place in the newly furnished facilities at Vibevej 9-11, DK-2400 Copenhagen NV.

The classrooms are all equipped with technological resources such as projectors and computers. Moreover, there are special IT rooms for students, in which they can make use of IA Sprog’s own computer-based teaching system.

In their spare time, students may study Danish on their own via IA Sprog’s interactive online website.

New classes every month

New Labour Market oriented Danish classes start every month at IA Sprog – as day classes as well as evening classes:

  • Morning classes: 8.30-12.00
  • Afternoon classes: 12.15-15.45
  • Early evening classes: 16:15-18.45
  • Late evening classes: 19:00-21:30
  • Saturday classes: 9.15-13.40
  • Students can use the computer workshop 17:15-20:15
  • You can also learn Danish online

IA Sprog also offers workplace tuition.

Labour Market oriented Danish online

Learn Danish online with IA Sprog. You get:

  • Free instruction in the Danish language with focus on Danish in the workplace and at school
  • One 45-60 min. private weekly skype session (1-2 people) with your own teacher
  • Possibility for 2 weekly on-line monitored language sessions
  • Access to Denmark’s largest digitally coordinated on-line material
  • Rapid progression.  New-beginners can complete module 3 (level A2 of the CEFR) in 4 months

We expect:

  • Independent work ethic
  • Possibility for practicing Danish in everyday life
  • Good grammar skills
  • Good English skills
  • 1-2 hours of homework daily

Continue with an ordinary Danish course

Once you have completed your course in Labour Market oriented Danish, you may choose to continue your training at one of the ordinary Danish language courses,  within the framework of the offer of three years’ free language tuition for foreigners: Here you can learn Danish on a higher level and take a final Danish exam -  Prøve i Dansk 2, Prøve i Dansk 3 and Studieprøven. Read about:
➔ Danish Language Programme 2
➔ Danish Language Programme 3
➔ Studieprøven

Danish Language Programme 3 is also offered as:
 Intensive classes
 Online Danish
➔ Danish on Saturdays
➔ Danish for Norwegian and Swedish speakers


Sign up for a Danish course free of charge at IA Sprog or contact us for further information.