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Danish by computer
More than 200 videos, 1000 sound files with pronunciation and listening exercises, 800 pdf files with assignments, 800 interactive exercises focusing on vocabulary and grammar.

As a student at Sprogcenter IA you have access to Denmark’s widest range of online learning facilities – a comprehensive library of educational films, texts, and interactive exercises for language training at all levels. Read more below.

Module test and exam:

Students enrolled in Danish 2 and 3 may supplement their class instruction at Sprogcenter IA and prepare for the module test independently. IA Sprog’s teaching materials for the module test have been composed in accordance with the Ministry of Children and Education’s guidelines and cover all aspects of the test: oral examination, listening, reading, and writing.

Students preparing for Danish 2, Danish 3, or the Study Test have access to an online library containing exercises for independent studies as a supplement to class instruction.


Internet language training

Over the past ten years IA Sprog has developed Denmark’s most comprehensive language teaching system for foreigners, Skolegade – a system that integrates class instruction with computer-based teaching, which makes it possible for students to work efficiently on their own. Regardless of individual levels of expertise in terms of Danish proficiency, you can find exercises aimed directly at what you need.

Pronunciation: IA Sprog’s pronunciation exercises are developed by specialists in this particular field. More than 400 sound files make it possible to work specifically and purposefully with Danish pronunciation on your own. In addition, the pronunciation exercises comprise a coherent system that can be followed from the very beginning, when you first begin to learn Danish, to more advanced levels.

Video: Video is an effective medium when it comes to language instruction. On a video you can experience language being spoken and used by actual, living persons in specific contexts and situations, which permits you to achieve a more precise sense of the ways in which vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and body language work together when language is used actively.

On IA Sprog’s student homepage you can find more than 200 videos:

The Skolegade system, consisting of 96 episodes, thoroughly examining everyday Danish language through short, entertaining fictional films.

50 videos with a more documentary stamp, showing situations from a Danish workplace and emphasizing the language used in working life.

80 videos (in English) in which a teacher addresses essential focus points in terms of Danish grammar.

Interactive exercises:

The interactive exercises make it possible to incorporate Danish vocabulary and grammar and become experienced and skilled in correct language use.

The exercises are done independently, but may be printed and evaluated in collaboration with a teacher.

Multiple Choice:
Multiple Choice exercises are used to train listening abilities and comprehension. First you watch a video sequence or listen to a conversation, with a number of accompanying questions. Your task is then to check the right answer among 3 or 4 possible answers.

Free answer:

This exercise, like the Multiple Choice exercise, is used to train listening abilities and comprehension, but here this takes place in combination with active language production and writing. You hear or watch a sequence, after which you write an answer to a given question in your own words. As there are often many possible correct answers to each question, the assignments are not assessed in terms of right or wrong. Instead one or more of the possible answers are shown, which you may then compare to your own answer and evaluate on your own or together with a teacher.

Build Up:
Build Up exercises train your grammar skills and competence in terms of knowledge of Danish sentence structure. You are given a number of words in random order, and your task is then to organize the words and place them in the correct order to make them form a natural Danish sentence.

Cloze exercises train both comprehension-oriented and grammar-oriented skills. Your task is to fill in the words missing from a text with blank spaces.

Insertion trains various aspects of grammatical skills. Each exercises has its own particular focus, for instance prepositions, verbal tense, definite/indefinite, etc.

Dictation trains listening skills and spelling.

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