Study Danish Online at IA Sprog

computerrum2More than 200 videos, 1000 sound files with pronunciation and listening exercises, 800 pdf files with assignments, 800 interactive exercises focusing on vocabulary and grammar.

As a student at IA Sprog you have access to Denmark’s widest range of online learning facilities – a comprehensive library of educational films, texts, and interactive exercises for language training at all levels.

Module test and exam:

Students enrolled in Labour Market oriented Danish, Danish Language Programme 2 and Danish Language Programme 3  may supplement their class instruction at Sprogcenter IA and prepare for the module test independently.

Not at least students in IA Sprog’s online courses can benefit from the material. IA Sprog’s teaching materials for the module test have been composed in accordance with the Ministry of Children and Education’s guidelines and cover all aspects of the test: oral examination, listening, reading, and writing.

Students preparing for exam in Danish Language Programme 2 (PD2), Danish Language Programme 3 (PD3), or the Study Test have access to an online library containing exercises for independent studies as a supplement to class instruction.