Study Danish with IA’s online Danish course

Danish in cyberspace. IA Sprog’s online learning is an offer for Work-related Danish students / Danish Level 3 -learners who want to learn Danish, but haven’t the time or possibility to attend classroom instruction. The offer is aimed at those who can work intensively, dedicated and flexibly.

A good part of the study is self study and it is an requirement that the student can pass the module test after 12 online sessions maximal.

The student meets with the teacher and her/his buddy online via Skype for a 60 minutes per week and, in order to be well-prepared, must expect up to 10 hours of homework per week. Good study habits are a prerequisite for making it through the online programme.

Along with your teacher, students will review the week’s syllabus, and when the online lesson is over, the students can meet via Skype and work on the oral exercises together.  The two of you can arrange when and how often.

Written exercises, listening exercises, reading exercises etc. students do individually. Likewise, they will get individual feedback.

Besides the weekly online meetings with the teacher, the students have access to an internet forum where they can download assignments and help. They can also practice with each other.

IA Sprog will provide you with a conversation partner at your level.

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