IA Sprog’s new FVU-offer: Introduction to jobs as social- and health / pedagogical assistant

Many adult foreigners in Denmark want to train for jobs as ‘social-and healthcare assistant’ or as ‘pedagogical assistant’ – and now IA Sprog’s FVU department is offering a course supporting these demands.

In order to start at the social- and healthcare school you should at least have finished the FVU læsning (reading) course at level 4 and the FVU mathematics course level 2. But even with this hurdle overcome, many students still feel that they need more support.

IA Sprogs new FVU course with a special focus on social and pedagogical training is therefore aiming to provide the students with an introduction to the professional knowledge and language.

The students are thus presented to texts and themes concerning children and elderly people, body and health, caregiving and pedagogy – with these items as basis the students are working with reading, writing, spelling and mathematics on basic level.