Train Danish anytime with IA’s online material

All students at IA Sprog will soon be able to access much of their teaching materials online. This will be done through a new website where each Danish Level will have its own profile.

In this way, students who have internet access will be able to supplement teaching at the school anytime they want.

The school’s own teaching system, “Skolegade”, will come in large part to lie on the website. This will include films and screenplays as well as dialogues and listening exercises. Also other materials that the school has developed may be downloaded from the website. In addition, there will be lesson plans, module test- and exam descriptions, test dates, vacation schedules, etc.

When a student enrolls in a Danish programme at IA Sprog, he or she will automatically be set up as a user of the website.

The start dates for the new website are about: March 1, 2011 for Danish Level 3′s various divisions, while Danish Level 2 and Danish Level 1-learners will have to wait until around May 1, 2011.